A Solution to get Pure User Experience

Lookback, a plugin for iOS apps to record screen, the invention aids developers to a great extent when mobile users encounter a problem. The application makes possible to record users face and voice which facilitates them to explain what happened when they encounter a bug or when the app has some problems. It was founded by ex-Spotify engineers who found a problem with recording the users’ experiences on the app. The company was set up when ex-Spotify developer Joachim Bengtsson which at present raised an amount of  $2.2M in Seed funding rounds by the investors European investor Lakestar, Index Ventures and other angels, including Ilya Sukhar, co-founder of Parse.

Lookback is a resultant of a challenge taken by Joachim Bengtsson, the then developer of Spotisy from his designer colleagues when they shared the difficulty recording user experiences on mobile. The geek finally emerged with the base script of Lookback. In other words, Lookback enables the developers to get real-time pure user experiences rather than a test app, where pure experiences imply users using application of their own in an unbiased way. Now, the developer can capture the screen, and the end-user behind the screen using the front-facing camera. The users can start the service by shaking the mobile device to make a record button to appear. As the user presses the record button, everything on the screen is recorded. In this meantime, the user can activate the front camera to explain the procedures the went through and the problem encountered.”>look back

The remarkable feature of the product that its installation requires no special system requirement and additional equipment which is useful for bug recording, growth hacking, product market and more. In addition, the products offer two plugins viz Lookback HD, which offers high-quality recordings but only for pre-release apps and Lookback Safe which works in App Store apps but uses a lower quality recording technique.  The companies that validated Lookback service include Spotify, King, Yammer, Venmo. The new funding would be allocated to develop the technical platform by hiring more engineers, designers, project managers and UX researchers.

Bitvore raised Series A Funding Rounds

A business information gathering and analysis company, California based Bitvore has raised a Series A funding on March 2014.It supports cloud based service that provides real time information to business firms. It functions as support services that receives several sources of dynamic data and identify important information based on continuously changing business needs. Finally, the company share the results with other systems in real- time in cloud community.

 Precisely, Bitvore consumes massive volumes of changing content from structured and unstructured data sources (such as websites, blog postings, email and Twitter) organizes it by concept and context – presents it to the users based on their preference. According to the company its sources ranges from internal databases and emails to external websites and social media. The company counts a growing number of investment houses and Wall Street firms among its customer base.

 The investors in Series A funding rounds include Southern California tech investor Yuri Pikover and about quarter sum of money in total $4.5M raised from crowd-funding sources. Bitvore differs from other companies of similar kind those create big data analytics technology that requires months of development and specialized work by data scientists. Bitvore claims, information available with them are specific, but simple enough that even someone with no experience could make it productive within less time. Finally, unlike traditional big data mining tools, Bitvore software can quickly be reconfigured by the customer to add new topics and offers.

An e-Commerce site for Art Photography

YellowKorner, Paris e-Commerce company founded in 2005 deals with the sale of art photographs online. Established with an objective to give the general public access to limited edition art photography from around the world, presently it has equipped to cater to the requirement of all sectors of the population with wide-ranging selection. The photography genre includes dream and creation, fashion, landscape, music, nature, sport and technic, travel, urban, black and white, colorful, conceptual, graphic, life scenes, portrait, uncluttered, and vintage.

YellowKorner ecommerce company side viewThe photographs are available in several formats and canvas sizes and the corresponding number of copies could be 30, 200 or 500 copies, all with the consent of the artist.  At present, YellowKorner sells photos via the internet and in about 70 boutiques across Europe and the US. As a future objective, the company aims to expand presence in the US by growing to 20 galleries within 2 years together with launching new markets in South Korea, Japan, and Brazil. The firm has been funded with $3.22M in Seed funding rounds by Charles Beigbeder, Audacia. The raised money would be utilized to establish a network of boutiques via a franchise approach rather than owned boutiques. The company targets on consumer-based nations who are ready to spend money on art photography and the audience could be of any age and is not based on gender favoritism.

 YellowKorner also secured 7.5M Euros fund from Seed funding rounds by investors like A Plus Finance, UFG-Siparex, 360° Capital Partners, Louis-Christophe Laurent, PriceMinister co-founder Pierre Kosciusko Morizet. Also, the website explained in detail about the usual delay in delivery of product citing each country, international and domestic shipping delay cited separately.

Bitcoin Payment Gateway by GoCoin

The GoCoin is a payment gateway for Bitcoin, as if alias of paypal, authorize.net or many of such kinds which enables merchants to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin payments at checkout. The company is solely a platform that operates for bitcoin exchanges that is on the way to gain supremacy over economic world as alternative currency. Since introduced in 2009, Bitcoin has not gained appreciable acceptance from customer side as a fully functioning virtual currency. Bitcoin or cryptocurrency aimed to function as a kind of digital money, means it had to work as a unit of account, a medium of exchange, and a store of value. As bitcoin has not tied to any country or union of nations, or subject to any regulation the validity on its monetary value and potency could be a matter of disbelief. For instance,yet the lion’s share of US population is unaware of Bitcoin, sounds strange but true.

Now, to make the integration easy with customer URL, for checkout payment gateway the company provide a  ready API(Application Programming Interface). Since there exists many suspicions about Bitcoin, the company has taken a challenge to close all loop holes by timely monitoring of Bitcoin regulations and proceed appropriately to ensure all appropriate registrations.

The company has been funded around $2.05M in Seed and Series A funding rounds raised by Prolific Venture Capital, Owen Van Natta, Andrew Frame, Bit Angels, Mikael Pawlo, Jonathan Congdon, Ruvento,  Ronnie Wee, Gary Stiffelman, David Neuman, BitcoinShop, Owen Van Natta. The team plans to utilize the funds to increase geographical span and appoint more engineers. Being a startup, company focus on providing Bitcoin payment processing for e-Commerce, digital content and interactive or social gaming companies. It also focus to launch current beta product publicly with an target on the Asian and South American countries. Perseus Telecom, Robocoin, Agreed.com, Bitcoin Shop, Inc., QikFunder and KnCminer are some of the customers of GoCoin.