An e-Commerce site for Art Photography

YellowKorner, Paris e-Commerce company founded in 2005 deals with the sale of art photographs online. Established with an objective to give the general public access to limited edition art photography from around the world, presently it has equipped to cater to the requirement of all sectors of the population with wide-ranging selection. The photography genre includes dream and creation, fashion, landscape, music, nature, sport and technic, travel, urban, black and white, colorful, conceptual, graphic, life scenes, portrait, uncluttered, and vintage.

YellowKorner ecommerce company side viewThe photographs are available in several formats and canvas sizes and the corresponding number of copies could be 30, 200 or 500 copies, all with the consent of the artist.  At present, YellowKorner sells photos via the internet and in about 70 boutiques across Europe and the US. As a future objective, the company aims to expand presence in the US by growing to 20 galleries within 2 years together with launching new markets in South Korea, Japan, and Brazil. The firm has been funded with $3.22M in Seed funding rounds by Charles Beigbeder, Audacia. The raised money would be utilized to establish a network of boutiques via a franchise approach rather than owned boutiques. The company targets on consumer-based nations who are ready to spend money on art photography and the audience could be of any age and is not based on gender favoritism.

 YellowKorner also secured 7.5M Euros fund from Seed funding rounds by investors like A Plus Finance, UFG-Siparex, 360° Capital Partners, Louis-Christophe Laurent, PriceMinister co-founder Pierre Kosciusko Morizet. Also, the website explained in detail about the usual delay in delivery of product citing each country, international and domestic shipping delay cited separately.

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