A Solution to get Pure User Experience

Lookback, a plugin for iOS apps to record screen, the invention aids developers to a great extent when mobile users encounter a problem. The application makes possible to record users face and voice which facilitates them to explain what happened when they encounter a bug or when the app has some problems. It was founded by ex-Spotify engineers who found a problem with recording the users’ experiences on the app. The company was set up when ex-Spotify developer Joachim Bengtsson which at present raised an amount of  $2.2M in Seed funding rounds by the investors European investor Lakestar, Index Ventures and other angels, including Ilya Sukhar, co-founder of Parse.

Lookback is a resultant of a challenge taken by Joachim Bengtsson, the then developer of Spotisy from his designer colleagues when they shared the difficulty recording user experiences on mobile. The geek finally emerged with the base script of Lookback. In other words, Lookback enables the developers to get real-time pure user experiences rather than a test app, where pure experiences imply users using application of their own in an unbiased way. Now, the developer can capture the screen, and the end-user behind the screen using the front-facing camera. The users can start the service by shaking the mobile device to make a record button to appear. As the user presses the record button, everything on the screen is recorded. In this meantime, the user can activate the front camera to explain the procedures the went through and the problem encountered.”>look back

The remarkable feature of the product that its installation requires no special system requirement and additional equipment which is useful for bug recording, growth hacking, product market and more. In addition, the products offer two plugins viz Lookback HD, which offers high-quality recordings but only for pre-release apps and Lookback Safe which works in App Store apps but uses a lower quality recording technique.  The companies that validated Lookback service include Spotify, King, Yammer, Venmo. The new funding would be allocated to develop the technical platform by hiring more engineers, designers, project managers and UX researchers.

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