Enhance your online designing business with turnkey solutions

Print and design sites are one of those turnkey sites becoming more popular among the various e-commerce alternatives. There are several companies providing such design and print programs that can be used to start up a web shop. Customized design and publishing sites have always obtained an endemic popularity among customers from various parts of the world. The reason behind this huge success is nothing but the push to be unique. Effectively taking advantage of this customer feeling can help you build up your shop efficiently. There are turnkey scripts available on the internet which can help you set up online business efficiently. Custom Printing and online designing software programs are available on the internet.

The turnkey scripts offered by various service providers are built upon successful business models. So you can just make a choice out of the various scripts available and get into business at the earliest. Choosing the right service provider plays a crucial role in your business success. There are certain minimal requirements any such turnkey script providers should possess and you can keep in mind while making a choice. Cost factor or affordability would be the first thing to note down. Before getting in touch with any service provider, ensure that you make a good market research. This will help you have an understanding of the price limits for such services. Ensure your choice is not very much cheap, as the chance of compromising in terms of quality is high. Quality of work would be next thing to be taken care of. Going through sample projects submitted by the service provider or having a look at their former projects and client reviews will help you have an insight into their work quality. If it is matching your expectancy, look for a different provider and of course you have a lot to choose from!

Convenience of use is one essential aspect to be regarded while choosing a turnkey solution for your design and publishing web page. You may not be technical smart to work on the program set up and servicing. There are service providers who provide automated contractors for the program which will set up all the pre-requisites and plug-ins required for the developing application to run. Also the interface should provide you a complete control or rather a central management area for keeping the web page. It is essential that the developing application should be capable enough to deal with your styles. Certain services even provide customized layouts for you to choose from.

There are several service providers offering designing and printing software solutions for online T-shirt printing and designing like iScripts PrintLogic. They are open source scripts designed and developed by incorporating successful business models. The unencrypted code can be modified to best fit into your business. There are multiple themes provided in this t-shirt design software. Powerful and easy to navigate administration panel will empower you with a complete control over the website. Support for multiple payment gateways will definitely grab customer attention. Support for unlimited product categories with unlimited expandability is another advantage.

10 Benefits of Using an Adsor ad management tool

Internet trade and exchange have transformed the business world. The extensive use of the internet as a medium of communication has lead to its preference for being used as an advertising medium for various business products and services. Posting of ads across various websites has shown a good increase in the success rate of the product. It’s also referred to as the cheapest medium of advertisement.

Ad management solutions were developed to better manage the complexities associated with posting the ads across multiple websites. Adsor is one of the finest tools for advertisement management. The features of Adsor ad management service are carefully designed to create the desired output. Therefore the benefits associated are also quite huge.

Adsor helps in creating ads and managing them in custom and hosted spots by Adsor. This takes off the headache in finding the appropriate websites to post the ad and ensuring it’s beneficial.

  • It gives detailed graphical representations of your impressions and clicks data for all the posted websites as well as for individual sites.
  • It helps you to better understand where you stand by providing detailed statistics.
  • All the tools required to manage your ad posting are coming under a single interface which further helps in making your management easier and simpler.
  • Anyone who sells products or runs an advertisement campaign can make use of Adsor features to enhance their success rates.
  • Adsor hosts everything associated with ad posting and thus the user is not required to install any complicated software to their server. They can simply insert the line of code for the ad into space where they require the ad to be posted and the post will be live instantly.
  • The Ad Sales page from Adsor helps in providing prospective advertisers with advertising information like impressions, available spots and so on.
  • The dashboard feature helps in obtaining a quick glance at your usage stats. This includes details like how many active sites you have, how many impressions have been delivered and so forth.
  • Ad Spots is the feature that allows you to find spots on the websites where you can post your ad.
  • The campaign management interface lets you design, create and run campaigns online. You can even decide on how long the campaign should be active.

Ad management is not just about posting ads across the internet via the World Wide Web. It involves

  • Finding the appropriate website to post the ad. The website chosen should be high performing websites with a good number of users.
  • Posting the ads and closely monitoring them to ensure its not an unprofitable post.
  • Monitoring the websites and the posts to ensure the elimination of unbeneficial ones.
  • Performing good analytics to determine newer marketing strategies to improve your product marketing.

Adsor is one of those tools which have watchfully incorporated features that would enable you to better manage your posting of ads across multiple websites.

10 Useful Essentials for a Good School Management System

A good School Management System is always accepted by educational institutions and if they find that the software is not upto the mark, they simply dump it. As a result the company that develops the tool loses its faith and reputation.

The reason behind this is that world class educational institutions never compromise on quality and efficiency and they simply dump anything that they feel are not up to the mark. So before releasing such products, make sure that they are upto to the international standards, so that they don’t end up losing their reputation.  Here are 10 Useful essentials for a good school management system (not necessarily in the order)

1) User Friendly
Since most of the students and teachers do not have high technical knowledge, the school management software should be as user friendly as possible. Making it complex may end up in the users making frequent mistakes, which may tamper the reputation of the system. So try to make the software more simple and user friendly.

2) Bug Free
Bugs or errors are a common thing that comes while developing a new software or tool. This may not create problem while targeting a small audience, but if the software is to travel a larger area of the globe, then bugs or errors are not at all appreciated. To make a world class school management software, you need to make sure that the software is 100% bug free.

3) High Efficiency Level
Speed and efficiency must be in harmony if you want to make your school management tool a global hit. If your tool is too slow in responding, then customers might stop using it and shift to any other software available. So make sure that speed, accuracy and efficiency are not compromised while your product is launched for sales.

4) High Level of Security
There might be data security issues in large educational institutions and since the software usually operates in a LAN, chances of data insecurity are there. So make sure that the software is equipped to tackle any security issues that arises.

5) Database Backup Facilities
All the employee and student records are generally transferred into a database. In any case if the software crashes, the information in the database also would be gone. So make sure that the school management software has an automated database back up facility so that no data loss is experienced when the system crashes.

6) Automated Report Generation
An educational institution always need to generate reports at any time. It can be a financial report, student performance report, staff report etc. So the system should be equipped to generate all the major reports and with accuracy and speed.

7) Graphical Analysis of Student’s and Staff’s Performance
Images speaks much better than words and it is always easier to analyze and compare performances based on a graph or chart. A graphical analysis can quickly tell you about the performance level of a particular student or teacher. So make sure that apart from the general report, the student management system is also capable of generating graphical reports.

8) Compatible with both Internet and Intranet
Since the system is shared by a large number of users in the case of a large educational institution, it should be compatible with both Internet and Intranet.

9) Automated Staff and Student administration
The system should be fully automated and in a large educational institution one needs to manage a large number of students and staffs. If the school management solution is fully automated it would be an added advantage for the administrator to mange.

10) An E-Learning Facility for Students from All Grades
school management system should strictly have an e-Learning facility for students and should have the complete syllabus for all grades embedded within. Since it is compatible with internet, it should also provide options for updating the students and teachers with the latest updations and advancements related to their respective subjects.

List of Social networking web sites

Here is a collection of popular social networking sites. You can create a web community like this using social networking software, iScripts Socialware. It does not clone any site. But gives you the features that made these sites popular and profitable. You can select the features you ant for your community and just enable those feature. Of course iScripts Socialware is sold as open source, so you can modify the software to match your community as you see fit. iScripts team also can customize the social community script for you.
All Recipeswww.allrecipes.com — The world’s largest food-based social network. Users contribute and rate/review each other’s recipes. Allows members to write a blog, create a recipe box, and get a daily newsletter.
http://www.authornation.com — A social network for authors.
Authors Den:http://www.authorsden.com — A social network for authors.
BakeSpace:http://www.bakespace.com — One of the largest food-centric social networks with discussion boards, blogs, recipe swapping, etc.
Bebo:http://www.bebo.com — Headquartered in San Francisco. 30 million users, primarily teens and young adults. The top social networking website in the U.K., Ireland, and New Zealand. Now owned by AOL. 22 million visitors in January 2008.
BlackPlanet:http://www.blackplanet.com — A social network of 16 million African Americans.
BlueString:http://www.bluestring.com — Upload and share photos, videos, and music from your PC. Just drag and drop to share. With StringIt, you can share your creative collections (for example, from a wedding or other event) and then invite family and friends to add their own photos, videos, or music to add to the story. A service of AOL.
Book Rix:http://www.bookrix.com — A social network for writers and readers that includes the ability to edit and publish your books in a flipbook format, using your layouts and graphics. This digital book can be embedded in websites and emails via HTML code. You can use this service for free.
Cafe Mom:http://www.cafemom.com — Social networking for mothers.
Classmates Online:http://www.classmates.com — A social network for connecting with old high school and college classmates. The third largest social networking site.
Cyworld:http://www.cyworld.com — Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. 24 million users. Big in South Korea.
Deviant Art:http://www.deviantart.com — A social networking and sales site for art, manga, and more. Motto: The largest art community in the world.<
Dish and Dine:http://www.dishanddine.com — A social network for food lovers to share and fine recipes, ask questions, share tips, upload videos, post reviews, join the forum, and even get food travel tips.
Divine Caroline:http://www.divinecaroline.com — A social network where women come together to express themselves, find answers, and share their lives through storytelling. Sections cover relationships, parenting, home and food, body and soul, travel, style, career and money, play, neighborhood and world.
Doppelit Train:http://www.doppelit.com — The Entrepreneur Connection, this site brings you motivational newsletters and teleseminars, networking, and insight into the right way to do business. “When you register for Doppelit you put yourself in the top 10% of entrepreneurs worldwide, with a ticket on the Doppelit Train you join the top 3%.”
Easy Site:http://www.easysite.com — Allows users to create family sites quickly and easily, with no ads. Free for three members. $4.95 per month or more with more members.
eCademy:http://www.ecademy.com — Business-related social site.
Eons:http://www.eons.com — Online network for boomers.
FaceBook:http://www.facebook.com — Headquartered in Palo Alto. The most significant social networking site on the U.S. web. 70 million users as of April 2008. 101 million unique visitors in January 2008 (Comscore); 123.9 million unique visitors in May 2008. 65 billion page views per month. 200 million users, from 180 countries, in April 2009.
FanNation:http://www.fannation.com — A social network for sports fans operated by emSports Illustrated/em and CNN Digital Network. Supports blogs, photos, games, groups, friends, and more.
Fast Pitch! Networking:http://www.fastpitchnetworking.com — A fast-growing business social network on the web that also includes a free press release syndication service, blog syndication, and more.
http://www.fighterz.com — A social network for mixed martial artists.
FoodBuzz:http://www.foodbuzz.com — Nearly 30,000 foodies sharing recipes, restaurant reviews, forums, blogs, photos, etc.
FoodCandy:http://www.foodcandy.com — A tight-knit community of foodies.
http://www.frappr.com — A mapping site that allows you to highlight where your friends live. Create your own social map on the web.
Friendster:http://www.friendster.com — Headquartered in San Francisco. 37 million users. Big in Southeast Asia. The original social network.<Gather:http://www.gather.com — A business and professional networking site with many groups and special events (such as First Tracks, a contest for musicians).
HI5:http://www.hi5.com — Headquartered in San Francisco. 50 million users. Big in Asia and South America
IGoUGo:http://www.igougo.com — Bills itself as the world’s leading online travel community.
I Like Totally Love It:
a href=”http://www.iliketotallylove.com”rel=”nofollow”>http://www.iliketotallylove.com — A social shopping site. Shoppers post photos of items they like, then solicit opinions and comments from others.
http://www.indiapage.com — A large social networking site targeting Indian community.
http://www.iparents.com — A social network for parents. Allows sharing of photos, videos, calendars, group forums, and more.iScripts SocialWare:
http://www.iscripts.com/socialware/index.php — A software program that allows anyone to set up their own social community featuring blogs, chats, forums, events, classifieds, and more. Price: $99.95.
http://www.jacketflap.com — A comprehensive resource site for the children’s book industry, featuring thousands of published authors, illustrators, agents, librarians, teachers, editors, publicists, and publishers. Features a social network, blogs, a blog consolidator, and more. Also includes up-to-date information on children’s book publishers and hundreds of children’s book blogs.
http://www.jott.com — Allows you to call a phone number with your mobile phone and leave a message for yourself, send a text message and/or email to a friend, send an email to a group that you define, or even make a post to your blog.<
LawLink:http://www.lawlink.com — Professional and social network for attorneys.<
Lending Club:http://www.lendingclub.com — A new social network for lending and borrowing money. Already 15,000 users. $1 million has already changed hands with most loans under $500.<
Library Thing:http://www.librarything.com — Users share the books and book lists they love. More users than Shelfari and more flexible (according to one user). Now offering galley copies to users who will write a review for the website.
http://www.linkedin.com — A business and professional networking site, designed to find jobs, partners, consultants, and other business networking contacts. 30 million users as of October 2008. Includes an Answers Qamp;A section where users ask and answer questions.
http://www.marketocracy.com — A social network for investing fanatics (who can invest virtual money in testing their investment strategies).
http://www.mashable.com — This blog tracks all the social networking sites, providing updates on services, mashups, etc. A great resource if you are into social networking.
Match.com:http://www.match.com — A paid matchmaking service for romantics.
The Memory:
http://www.thememory.com (website in process) — A social network to honor the dead where loved ones share their memories.
MocoSpace:http://www.mocospace.com — Photo, music, and video sharing via your mobile phone. Also blogs, chat, IM, and more. Two million members.
Mom Junction:
http://www.momjunction.com — A social networking website for mothers. 50,000 members.
Multiply:http://www.multiply.com — This social network allows you to add photos, videos, music, a calendar, and contacts. You can also write reviews, blog, list favorite links, create or join groups, and more.
http://www.myspace.com — The largest social networking site on the web. 118 million users in October 2008. 40% of all U.S. mothers use MySpace. 12% of all Internet minutes are spent on MySpace (June 2008). Page views on MySpace have reached an all time high of 44 billion :
http://www.oddpodz.com — An idea engine and social network that powers business people, entrepreneurs and creative professionals that want to advance their careers and grow their enterprises.
http://www.orkut.com — Headquartered in Mountain View, California. 39 million users. Big in Brazil. Owned by Google.
http://www.pageflakes.com — It allows you to create your flake (homepage), share it with others via a pagecast, and let others know about you via a profile page. Apparently you need to be a developer and know lots of software to use this service. I could not find on the home page an easy way to start other than to download a developer’s kit, but after some clicking around (a process I could never duplicate), I did create a page. It looks like it might be an interesting way to create a homepage to share with others.
Personal News Network:
http://www.pnn.com — A women’s social news network that blends a social publishing platform with a destination portal to give women an online voice. Share stories on personal custom sites.
http://www.piczo.com — Headquartered in San Francisco. 24 million users. Teen-friendly. Big in the U.K. and Canada.
Pinger:http://www.pinger.com — Instant voice messaging for your mobile phone. With Pinger you send voice messages directly to someone instantly–no ringing, no greetings, no lengthy prompts. Pinger is fast and efficient like email, but with your voice. You can also send voice messages to groups you define as well.
Radar.net:http://www.radar.net — A photo- and video-sharing social network designed to be used primarily with mobile phones.
Red Room:
http://www.redroom.com — A social network for authors. Has raised $1.8 million in capital.<
Respectance:http://www.respectance.com — A social network for people to share memories of loved ones.
Reunion.com:http://www.reunion.com — A social network for connecting with family, friends, lost loves, and colleagues. Ryze:http://www.ryze.com.
Scribe Share:http://www.scribeshare.net — A social network for authors.
Shelfari:http://www.shelfari.com — A social media site for people who love to read. Allows users to build their book collection online, tag books, start book clubs and discussion groups, and add their bookshelf to their blogs.
Slacker:http://www.slacker.com — Allows you to share your music choices with others. And create your own Internet radio station for your listening pleasure.
Socializr:http://www.socializr.com — A social networking blend between Friendster and Evite. It is designed as a way of sharing party and event invitations with friends and family. Here are some of the things you can do here: view your personalized event listings, create and send event invitations, automatically share events with your friends, get your events on your mobile phone, and customize your events with music, videos, and more.
Spoke.com:http://www.spoke.com — Social network for business and sales.
StyleHive:http://www.stylehive.com — A social networking website for people interested in style, fashion, beauty, jewelry, etc. Allows bookmarks, forums, communities, etc. Motto: What’s hot. Right now.
TeeBeeDee:http://www.tbd.com — Robin Wolaner, founder. A social networking site for people over 40 who believe life is still to be determined.
Tickle:http://www.ticklecom — Features categories such as lifestyle, mind/body, relationships, style/beauty, entertainment, and more.
TrailtwonUSA.com:http://www.trailtownusa.com — A social networking community targeted towards house riders in USTribe.com:http://www.tribe.com — A social network with a local focus, based on the city where you live.
http://www.twitter.com — The micro-blogging social network.
Uber.com:http://www.uber.com — Uber is a creative community where you can discover, collect, publish and store all kinds of photos, videos, songs, blogs, and bookmarks.
UPumpItUp Social Network:http://www.upumpitup.com — Crystal Light, a beverage from Kraft Foods, launched this social network to encourage women to inspire and challenge each other to achieve personal goals, which they can share with friends via the website or track with a widget. br/br/< style=”color:navy”strongWee Web:
a href=”http://www.wee-web.com”>http://www.wee-web.com — A place to share photos, videos, and stories of your children.
Xing:http://www.xing.com — Features events and teleclasses. Offers a free service as well as a paid monthly membership.<
Yahoo! 360:
http://360.yahoo.com — The blogging and social networking service from Yahoo! Yahoo is kind of giving up on the idea.
Yahoo! Groups:http://groups.yahoo.com — A social networking service from Yahoo! It’s where people with a shared interest meet, get to know each other, and stay informed. Your group gives you instant access to share message archives, photos and photo albums, group event calendars, and member polls and shared links.
Yelp:http://www.yelp.com — Features 4 million user-submitted reviews of local businesses around the country.
YoName:http://www.yoname.com — A tool for searching for your name, friend’s names, or other people’s names over the major social network websites.
Yuwie:http://www.yuwie.com — A social networking site with all the bells and whistles that strongpays you/strong to be on the network, to blog, to post photos, to meet friends, to send messages, etc. They don’t pay you a lot, but it might add up if a lot of people visit your page.
Zannel:http://www.zannel.com — Web and mobile phone social networking site for sharing photos, videos, and blogs. Designed to allow you to share your life in real-time with a photo/video capable mobile phone.
Zebo:http://www.zebo.com — A social networking site for learning what brands your friends own, judge photos of products and clothes, buy and sell cool things, and get product advice. They do not allow you to enter your email address in any posts (to prevent spambots). Free to use since they sell products in their online shop. As a member, you can sell stuff.
Zeer:http://www.zeer.com — A social network that connects people to product information, communities full of like-minded people, and buying advice. With a focus on packaged foods, their nutritional labels, and user ratings. Alexa rank of 246,760. Rated one of the Top 50 websites of 2008 by Time.com.
Ziggs People Hub:http://www.ziggs.com. A social network for professionals. A free service that personalizes the Internet around your people, your work, and your life. You can use this service to find people and groups you’d want to network with from around the world. Still in beta, very slow.