Lifeline Response – Protection at fingertips

Lifeline Response is a Chicago based mobile app development company that develops applications that intended to provide personal safety. It utilizes natural human reaction to respond to emergency situations by immediately alerting authorities if the user is in need of help. It incorporated GPS Location & Route Tracking technology and based on touch sensation, with Microsoft’s Bing Maps for GPS tracking. The app is currently available in AppStore and Google Play. The product has got attractive pricing since it cost only $21.99 for an annual subscription while $ 3.99 for monthly subscription. Since it was founded in 2012,  the app delivers outright service within the USA and have received a fair acceptance within the country. It has been received a seed round funding of $0.37M in March 2014. The company has partnered with U.S. Cellular and has enterprise agreements with universities, hospitals and corporations around the US.

The working of the app is briefly noted. The app is available on the gadget’s home screen. When selected and made it engaged, it senses the user’s thumb on the screen. The moment that thumb is removed, a countdown begins from 20 seconds during which time the user could enter a deactivation code for the app if it is activated accidentally. Instead, if you were attacked, your thumb would naturally come off the screen. Even if the phone was confiscated, once the app has been activated, there is no reversing the process without the proper code. After seven seconds without a code an alarm will begin to sound and when the countdown ends, app’s response verification center will be contacted. The center would call the user asking if they are in an emergency. Incase if the attacker finds something wrong with the situation and tries to turn off the app- by providing this code instead of the proper deactivation code, the app identifies the user is in an emergency. At that point, the app makes a call to the local 911 who would respond via GPS coordinates to the phone’s location. Likewise, if the phone isn’t answered, the same procedure would occur. The company provides 24/7 support and an option for 7 emergency contact numbers to be saved to which distress alerts will be sent, to make the service more promising.

The app is directly focusing on female population especially the university students. As a part of this, the company has two versions available for purchase viz  Personal edition and Campus edition. Thus, the company has made enterprise agreements with major universities and colleges(30+) within the state with a reasonable cost of  $2 to $7. As the alternative solutions are costly and include either personnel or infrastructure or both service, the company could directly make an entrance into the standard population.

An innovation in Digital Advertising

Elevate digital, founded in March 2011 as smartDIGITAL is a leading developer and advertising company. The Chicago company provides a platform for interactive digital advertising. Presently, Elevate Digital products, interactive touch screen displays are employed in high traffic area in Chicago. The company utilize the funds raised for product development and to spread out the span across the US and internationally as the company aims for deployments in the top 30 markets by the end of 2014.This venture is obviously an shortest way that public get access free of cost to a wide range of information and services. Besides, the products design is indubitably appreciable as the display units could be placed indoor and outdoor with multiple sized displays cached with information that best fit the customer needs.

Since its founding in 2011, Elevate DIGITAL has deployed more than 70 screens across several cities. The company has also established partnerships with organizations such as Groupon, The Tribune Company and the American Red Cross, among others. The company received about $7.2 M in Series A funding from many investors during past two years. The investors includes SFX Entertainment, Partners Path Investments, Advantage Capital Partners and Metropolitan Capital Bank.

The elevate digital display units incorporates still and video camera, rotating top screen videos, Interactive displays that features video spots, interactive applications, interactive photo and video sharing. Moreover, it makes possible the interactive shopping and so a bar-code scanner, credit card reader. The display unit is manufactured with data collection and reporting feature together with 24/7 system monitoring and reporting, hence advertisers to easily measure campaign performance. If a customer require a well later reference to the information perceived, one can record  as a soft-copy in the form of  email or a printed report. This implies the consumers are more engaged and hence the ads could directly shot at the clients.

Auto repair shop marketing- Things to note

For any business to dwell well customers are the key and along with the consistent customers, driving in new customers is very very important. The same applies in auto repair industry too. Since the competitions are very high, the auto repair shop marketing strategy has to be done effectively in order to attract in more customers. The competition is very high and today’s shaky economy has raised the chance even more.

The auto repair shop marketing and advertising has to be done with effective thoughts and at times a good some of money may have to be spent initially to get great business and get the spent amount back. Being creative is the key to successful marketing. Today people are not interested in ads where there is lot of money being spent, instead choose something that is cost effective, yet attractive. One good methodology is to offer auto repair coupons, where the coupon may have discount, offers, validities, or any other kind of specialties, so that it does attract customers to your auto repair workshop. These coupons could be of great use at places where drivers gather like at car shows, expos or golf course, so that they notice the auto repair coupon and would definitely get in touch with you, when they need you.

In the meantime, the existing customers should also not be left out as they are the ones who helped you to get where you stand today. Offer them great offers or discounts or with some special reserved hours exclusive for them, so that they still feel they are on the priority list and you have not left them out. This will also develop your goodwill and help in more business as there is no other effective marketing tool like the ‘Mouth to Mouth’ marketing!!!!

 Seeking opinions from your existing customers would definitely help you in some manner to attract new customers. Each person has a different view and the best could be considered for the development of your business to a larger scale. A great strategy in spending less amount of money and creating great ripples for your workshop.

Apart from these, also knowing your workers is a great tool. Take periodic auto mechanic reviews. This would help in understanding them and the customers to a more depth and thus effective measures could be taken for better development of the business, effective customer care and also understanding employees as these mechanics are the ones that are helping you to keep up your reputation with excellent services they provide. Therefore a mutual understanding would go a long way in great business relationships. Building goodwill is a cycle and it has be kept in motion all the time, so that you stand apart from your competitors, all throughout.

Improve Your Ad Campaign Performance By Using Ad Management System

Online marketing systems have obtained surprising growth and identification among various business groups and companies. The proficiency to mark their internet presence increased with the several technical enhancements made. Because of this far advanced general market trends, promotional initiatives were designed for a products promotion. Prospective sites with good hit on the internet were selected by the company categories to post the ads about the products or services that they provide. Publishing and hosting of item ads became another potential e-commerce business type. But it became quite difficult for the internet marketers to track down the performance of ads published over various networks and generate the maximum revenue out of it. The needs for an efficient tool to manage ads occur consequently.

Ad-management tools with far efficient features have been developed by various service providers. The features incorporated helps to create, manage & rotate ads, view statistics and make informed decisions. is one such ad management tool with a well organized advertisement management system. In the application, campaigns are integrated as spots holding campaigns rotating within the spot area. And there is an easy to use campaign management area that helps you to have quick access to the various statistical data associated to each campaign. It lists the websites under your system, with details to the campaign. You can create, preview, pause, delete and edit the campaign.

Under the modifying area, the application has options to name the campaign, choice to value the restrict kinds and material kinds. Limit types are principles that specify how long the campaign should run. The areas under restrict kind consist of Impressions, Mouse clicks, Time frame and No Limit. You can set the campaign to proceed operating until a specified number of impressions are provided or a particular variety of clicks are done or until a day is achieved. And finally you can run the strategy to proceed operating limitlessly using “No Limit” option until you personally stop the campaign. The content type interface allows in selecting the kind of content associated with the strategy. The kinds consist of Simply Text, Picture, Display and HTML/JS. The dashboard allows in monitoring down the variety of impressions, clicks and period of operating the marketing strategy. The system also allows you recognize rarely used ad spots on your website so that you don’t skip out a penny!

Having access to the statistical data of the ads posted over your website will help in efficiently utilizing the profit potential of running ads, banners and advertisement campaigns in your website. If you are running a blog or forum or community of interested users, the application can help you find vendors or rather manufacturers of the product or service in interest. The application will help you build a sales kit to highlight the business potential of your website to prospective clients online. Considering the advantages and potentials accompanied with the usage of an ad campaign management system, it is found to be a profitable means of content management system.