Lifeline Response – Protection at fingertips

Lifeline Response is a Chicago based mobile app development company that develops applications that intended to provide personal safety. It utilizes natural human reaction to respond to emergency situations by immediately alerting authorities if the user is in need of help. It incorporated GPS Location & Route Tracking technology and based on touch sensation, with Microsoft’s Bing Maps for GPS tracking. The app is currently available in AppStore and Google Play. The product has got attractive pricing since it cost only $21.99 for an annual subscription while $ 3.99 for monthly subscription. Since it was founded in 2012,  the app delivers outright service within the USA and have received a fair acceptance within the country. It has been received a seed round funding of $0.37M in March 2014. The company has partnered with U.S. Cellular and has enterprise agreements with universities, hospitals and corporations around the US.

The working of the app is briefly noted. The app is available on the gadget’s home screen. When selected and made it engaged, it senses the user’s thumb on the screen. The moment that thumb is removed, a countdown begins from 20 seconds during which time the user could enter a deactivation code for the app if it is activated accidentally. Instead, if you were attacked, your thumb would naturally come off the screen. Even if the phone was confiscated, once the app has been activated, there is no reversing the process without the proper code. After seven seconds without a code an alarm will begin to sound and when the countdown ends, app’s response verification center will be contacted. The center would call the user asking if they are in an emergency. Incase if the attacker finds something wrong with the situation and tries to turn off the app- by providing this code instead of the proper deactivation code, the app identifies the user is in an emergency. At that point, the app makes a call to the local 911 who would respond via GPS coordinates to the phone’s location. Likewise, if the phone isn’t answered, the same procedure would occur. The company provides 24/7 support and an option for 7 emergency contact numbers to be saved to which distress alerts will be sent, to make the service more promising.

The app is directly focusing on female population especially the university students. As a part of this, the company has two versions available for purchase viz  Personal edition and Campus edition. Thus, the company has made enterprise agreements with major universities and colleges(30+) within the state with a reasonable cost of  $2 to $7. As the alternative solutions are costly and include either personnel or infrastructure or both service, the company could directly make an entrance into the standard population.

How To Manage Your Customer Queries With A Trouble Ticket Software

As far as a business enterprise is concerned, it is vital to ensure that all of their customers are satisfied in all senses as with regards to the product or service these customer purchase or use from them. Satisfaction involves not just providing the best selling experience but also providing significant customer service after the business deal has been made and a product or service has been delivered. For this to happen, you need to have an effective IT helpdesk software that can manage your customers with quick resolution of their problems and issues. Also known as trouble ticket software, these customer support software provide online interfaces for your customers to register their problems and concerns and sends the queries to the desired departments to address the issues according to high priority.

Providing such levels of convenience and automated operation is the key to maintain client commitment. A good issue monitoring application program would have to perform activities such as providing an interface for end-users to deal with support associates or technical staff associates, offer a means of real-time interaction via talk or chat, allow remote operation of clients computer so that problems can be resolved by technical experts with little complexity for clients, allowing clients to post reviews on service quality and so on.

A helpdesk software should essentially serve as a medium for customers and customer representatives to collaborate in order to facilitate a faster and convenient way of issue-resolving without involving too many complexities and costs. The convenience is definitely a big factor. An ordinary customer would not like to go through a hundred menu options on a web portal to report his problem and he should not be forced to provide the same information at multiple points for a single process. Many customers would be frustrated at such a system and thus the popularity of the company would go down due to propagation of negative sentiments. Thus the issue tracking software should make the whole process as simple and quick as possible with a minimal number of steps and procedures involved.

A factor to be mentioned about a modern helpdesk application is that clients are given the freedom to report their problems as and when they occur instead of having to wait for a ticket for addressing it. They are relieved of the complex task of having to fill token forms or applications and then waiting for their application to be taken up for consideration. This helps you to save a lot of time for the organization as well as for clients. Many of these online trouble ticket software is affordable and open-source which allows you to personalize it as per your business’s needs. Not only that, there is no need for professional specialized guidance for you to set up and maintain such an interaction medium as everything would be automated with all possible functionalities and modules included in the full package. As such it is least troublesome to run the customer support department via this wonderful IT Helpdesk application to help you.

Tips for Selecting the Best Helpdesk System

Customer gratification is the key to the success of any business. Customers are often disgruntled by the long hang around time in response to their queries and miss-communication during a ticket processing. Helpdesk software is very much useful in retaining customer relationships. It presents a proper tracking system for the client’s concerns and offers precision while the ticket is transferred from one level to the other and guarantees all these activities stick to the schedule. Ease of managing the customer issues, single source for any customer information or support, a better understanding of user requirements and even flaws in the product or service and on top of everything cost-effectiveness of using a helpdesk software is

Depending upon the type of business the helpdesk software has to be selected. Ease of use, flexibility, compatibility, adaptability and last but not the least affordability are few points to be looked on while selecting the helpdesk support for your business.

There are two types of helpdesk applications available in the market, one that can be installed on the local machine and web-based solution. The choice depends on the type of business and the range of customers being handled. While scheming the helpdesk script itself, this prerequisite of customer affability should be given prime importance. It’s well appreciated by the customers if the wait time can be reduced in processing a ticket and closing it and also if the number of steps reduced as well.

The helpdesk script chosen should be supple enough to add new features without disturbing the system performance. It is valued if the helpdesk script can run on any platform without having to install any extra packages. Such compatibility is widely appreciated. It’s essential that the script has to be swift with the surfacing technologies. If you already have a support system in place, the helpdesk script should be watchfully chosen for the smooth incorporation of the app with the current system. Apart from all this, the workforce should be able to convey excellent technical support so that the customer issues are swiftly closed.

How to create your own helpdesk system in a very short time?

A HELP DESK is a backing resource that can troubleshoot issues or errors on software products and provide information on the same. Most of the online business enterprises offer support to their customers. In other words Help desk system has become a necessity for any business. If a client is stuck with technical queries then this help desk system will provide assistance to them. A help desk system comprises of some expert technicians to clear their problems via e-mail, telephone, fax, etc. This software can analyze the problems and keep track of these issues. Any business can handle support issues via online help desk software because all you need to have is an Internet browser. For any business, customer satisfaction is an integral part as it is the key to success. It is not all that easy to sort out any ticket issues manually, without the help of a help desk system. When you are in a business field it is very necessary that your customer should have the provision to communicate with you regarding the issues they face, meanwhile the same error should not repeat.

These days, there are free and paid help desk softwares available in the internet. Both have its benefits and drawbacks. Free help desk software does not mean free trial versions with limited features, instead the fully loaded software with open source technology. For extracting all the benefits of free help desk software system you need to download and install it on your server. Once this process is done your business needs will be taken complete care of. You can save a lot of time and money here and concentrate more on the sales and marketing aspects of your business. Since it’s free download software you might have to compromise on the security factors of your business. But the risk factor is reduced since most of these have standard ‘E-mail ID login system’ which only allows genuine clients, restricting unauthorized access. So it all depends on what type of software you choose. Make sure you go through the feedback and comments.

Most of the paid helpdesk online helpdesk software ensures all the required functionalities. The software will be mostly bug free. Chances of finding the common errors are very less. But the most common pitfall that occurs is when you choose software blindly based on the popularity and affordability. In such a case, it is not necessary that this help desk software will meet your requirements, after all quality is what matters. Also if it is paid software then they might offer free services and maintenance facility. Always choose software that will meet your current and future needs.