The best way to create your virtual shopping mall

The business world has witnessed rapid growth of online trading and the efficiency gained. Significant cutback in transaction costs, improved choice match for buyers and sellers, and enhanced span of trading associations, all added to the value of online market places. The early years of internet was promising enough to revolutionize e-commerce. Success of online market place led to the creation of virtual shopping malls where you can have all shops of your choice under single site and a click away.

Custom applications are available to build and design virtual shopping malls of your imagination with 2D or 3D experience. These highly interactive virtual shopping malls gives a shopping experience which isn’t much similar to what you get by going to a store directly.

The victory of a virtual shopping mall or any online shopping store relies on how safe and customer friendly the site is. The ease of use makes the customer come back for shopping. The trust developed will make the customer a long time happy customer. There are 2D and 3D virtual shopping malls designed, however if the user interface isn’t customer friendly, the application will not be a success in industry.

Information about products sold in the website is a crucial element. Customers rely on this information a lot while choosing a product. Delightful listing of products and a feedback mechanism will add value to the website. Certain websites even offer a real time support online i.e. an automated online assistant. The shopping cart system is another remarkable feature to be inserted. Shopping cart software allows the user to gather different products under a single list and adjust the quantities and even make a comparison of the same product from different brands.

Efficiency of the website to run over the internet without consuming much of the bandwidth is an applauding characteristic. The requirement to install non-standard applications in order to run the website in its totality will affect the goodwill.

Verification of the website by any of the secure transaction accreditation organizations like VISA or VeriSign will add value to the virtual shopping store in terms of security. To make sure accurate function under a sequence of conditions, loads, and unusual events, a tough computation is required.

For few, shopping is just about discovering the best deals and purchasing but for some its relaxation or a place to hang out. It has always been fun to go to different shops and see what they have to sell. The wide recognition of online shopping led to the concept of virtual shopping malls. Identifying the trading necessities of the spectators, designing a fine means of negotiation and providing safer transaction services will pave way to success of online shopping stores and multi-vendor shopping carts.

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Features of an Effective online shopping Cart

Gone are those days when people would actually go to a market for shopping.Shoppinggoods online is the current trend now.Online shopping is the process where consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller through internet. Online shopping cart is a technology that is been in the market for the past few years. It is a software by which anybody can shop or sell any product from anywhere, rather than going into a market. Products like e-commerce, software, games, etc can be sold online and e-commerce payment processing is provided by online shopping carts.

Products can be added as well as removed from the online shopping cart. Shopping carts are mainly meant for those people who don’t have time to go for shopping in the markets; likewise they can save time and money. These new trends lead to the increasing number of shopping carts. In today’s competing world, online shopping cart software is the requirement of each company, to spread their market worldwide. This is quiet useful for both companies and buyers. Profit of custom shopping cart can be increased by increasing revenue and reducing cost. Even though there are a number of online shopping carts, providing communication, data management and security to the clients, each one among of are not good enough, you can rely only on a few.

Following are the features of online shopping cart:

Secure transaction – One of the most important features of custom shopping cart is secure transaction, from where you can develop a customer’s faith and this is how a Shopping Cart Company grows.

Easy back navigation – An online shopping cart should have the option of back navigation i.e., it should let the user navigate from one page to the other easily.

Customer support – You should provide unlimited support to your shopping cart, so in case if you are stuck with any problem, you can troubleshoot.

Automatic calculation of tax, shipping costs and total costs based on information from buyer’s address – Real time shipping rates should be offered by the shopping cart i.e., it does not make any sense in first buying the cost effective product and then add on the saved amount on delivery charges.

Payment processor – Most importantly you should check the number of payment processors to which the online shopping cart is integrated with, so you can determine how good the cart is. If the online cart is integrated with just one or two payment processors it is difficult shop.

Secure saving of customer information – Towards the end you should hunt for the safety and security of the online shopping cart script. If you neglect this parameter, there are chances of your personal details getting hacked while the transaction is taking place.

Enable editing option – Owner should be able to easily add, delete and modify the contents of shopping cart.

International currency payment support – The shopping cart software should support international currency payment.

Contents of final cart page – Final cart page should list all items, prices, user-specified parameters, shipping and handling charges, tax and estimated date of delivery.

Shopping cart is a crucial part of a site and so it is very necessary to satisfy the above conditions.