Set up a facebook store and get benefit from it

Being on facebook helps you to get in touch with many numbers of people and these connections would help in establishing your business or products and thus would help you in achieving great incomes from them. All that you have to do is, when you have a facebook account, just create a facebook store and dealers would rush in to and you would not need for any other kind of marketing or advertising as the media will do it. In order to attain effective results, you have to know exactly how to market your product through social media and to know more about facebook eCommerce. Having a facebook account is no more a big deal. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a facebook account and every single event that happen in life is being posted in there. However, only few have considered to create facebook store or set up facebook store page and generate income from it.

One effective tool is having a store to buy your products. This would enable customers who visit your site to purchase products that they like and in any chance you do not have a cart, you could easily create one using any store app, so that the customer does not have to leave the page while purchasing and thus making is more customer friendly and open to the audience. This would create great effective in marketing your product.

Another effective tool is getting maximum like on your page. The more number of like, the more your contacts get widened. In this way the awareness of your product reaches to a larger audience. This promotes your product and the chances of being purchased are high. Larger the number of audiences, greater the chance of being more recognized. And the chances of understanding your product and buying it. The platform is large and huge and the chances of purchase and recognition for your brand are easier.

Any new organization or brands that are opening up new, also makes it a point these days to set up a facebook store, so that they get maximum coverage for their product and thus help in building up their business and relationships. Merchants and companies should make full use of this option so that they get the maximum benefits for their business.

Since social networking sites are the best place to get yourself and your product noticed, and, in every aspect facebook outsmarts the others and it is the best platform these days to market oneself and their products to bring in great business. Choosing the right platform is one basic tool in effective advertising and having a facebook account and setting up a facebook store is one of the effective tools in advertising your product and in turn building great business.

Auto repair shop marketing- Things to note

For any business to dwell well customers are the key and along with the consistent customers, driving in new customers is very very important. The same applies in auto repair industry too. Since the competitions are very high, the auto repair shop marketing strategy has to be done effectively in order to attract in more customers. The competition is very high and today’s shaky economy has raised the chance even more.

The auto repair shop marketing and advertising has to be done with effective thoughts and at times a good some of money may have to be spent initially to get great business and get the spent amount back. Being creative is the key to successful marketing. Today people are not interested in ads where there is lot of money being spent, instead choose something that is cost effective, yet attractive. One good methodology is to offer auto repair coupons, where the coupon may have discount, offers, validities, or any other kind of specialties, so that it does attract customers to your auto repair workshop. These coupons could be of great use at places where drivers gather like at car shows, expos or golf course, so that they notice the auto repair coupon and would definitely get in touch with you, when they need you.

In the meantime, the existing customers should also not be left out as they are the ones who helped you to get where you stand today. Offer them great offers or discounts or with some special reserved hours exclusive for them, so that they still feel they are on the priority list and you have not left them out. This will also develop your goodwill and help in more business as there is no other effective marketing tool like the ‘Mouth to Mouth’ marketing!!!!

 Seeking opinions from your existing customers would definitely help you in some manner to attract new customers. Each person has a different view and the best could be considered for the development of your business to a larger scale. A great strategy in spending less amount of money and creating great ripples for your workshop.

Apart from these, also knowing your workers is a great tool. Take periodic auto mechanic reviews. This would help in understanding them and the customers to a more depth and thus effective measures could be taken for better development of the business, effective customer care and also understanding employees as these mechanics are the ones that are helping you to keep up your reputation with excellent services they provide. Therefore a mutual understanding would go a long way in great business relationships. Building goodwill is a cycle and it has be kept in motion all the time, so that you stand apart from your competitors, all throughout.