Bitcoin Payment Gateway by GoCoin

The GoCoin is a payment gateway for Bitcoin, as if alias of paypal, or many of such kinds which enables merchants to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin payments at checkout. The company is solely a platform that operates for bitcoin exchanges that is on the way to gain supremacy over economic world as alternative currency. Since introduced in 2009, Bitcoin has not gained appreciable acceptance from customer side as a fully functioning virtual currency. Bitcoin or cryptocurrency aimed to function as a kind of digital money, means it had to work as a unit of account, a medium of exchange, and a store of value. As bitcoin has not tied to any country or union of nations, or subject to any regulation the validity on its monetary value and potency could be a matter of disbelief. For instance,yet the lion’s share of US population is unaware of Bitcoin, sounds strange but true.

Now, to make the integration easy with customer URL, for checkout payment gateway the company provide a  ready API(Application Programming Interface). Since there exists many suspicions about Bitcoin, the company has taken a challenge to close all loop holes by timely monitoring of Bitcoin regulations and proceed appropriately to ensure all appropriate registrations.

The company has been funded around $2.05M in Seed and Series A funding rounds raised by Prolific Venture Capital, Owen Van Natta, Andrew Frame, Bit Angels, Mikael Pawlo, Jonathan Congdon, Ruvento,  Ronnie Wee, Gary Stiffelman, David Neuman, BitcoinShop, Owen Van Natta. The team plans to utilize the funds to increase geographical span and appoint more engineers. Being a startup, company focus on providing Bitcoin payment processing for e-Commerce, digital content and interactive or social gaming companies. It also focus to launch current beta product publicly with an target on the Asian and South American countries. Perseus Telecom, Robocoin,, Bitcoin Shop, Inc., QikFunder and KnCminer are some of the customers of GoCoin.


Business Analysis Made Easy

The UK based Ometria, works for online retailers and business firms to organize data, and perform an analytical study to equip the business with market updates and customer behavior. In the current scenario, the competition in e-commerce field is an all-time high, hence the need for right data-driven marketing to fathom the present selling goods and services, targeted clients and steps to be adopted to make the next order worthy enough stands high. Here comes the strategic intervention of Ometria as a user-friendly support tool focusing on retailers. The platform does not intricate the business analysis by incorporating a multitude of analytic tool, but employ e-commerce intelligence tools and make the market research in an optimized grade.

Ometria supplies an e-commerce analysis platform that facilitates the user’s various functionalities that includes browsing abandonment tools to collect the E-mail addresses of visitors by the retailers. The users can validate marketing mix by analyzing the lifetime value of customers that users get from each source, and get more of the best ones and view detailed information about customers and visitors, across all their devices. It again provides an option to see the specific recommendations for which products to promote to improve overall profitability. The platform also facilitates an on-floor walkthrough online store in real-time to see who is shopping and what they are browsing.

 The company has received a Seed funding of $1.5M  in March 2014 raised by Alastair Mitchell, Andy McLoughlin, Tim Jackson, Phil Wilkinson, Guy Westlake, Sean Cornwell, Ned Cranborne, Shan Drummond. The company said they would utilize the money to expand the span including a plan to establish an office in Moscow and further develop the platform. It’s a fast-growing venture serving a $1 trillion industry whose customers include well-known British Brands like John Smedley and Charlotte Tilbury, and recent press includes The Telegraph.

Create Facebook Store and Promote Your e-Business

The internet holds a great place today in the world of marketing and online marketing is the key tool these days to promote a business, whether small or big. The giant Facebook has captured so much that opening Facebook stores is one among the greatest methods in promoting business these days. Having a website and opening up online stores like the Facebook online stores is what is being well recommended these days in the world of marketing online.

ravox facebook store

Facebook store

One of the main reasons why it is recommended to open these online stores are because people look for partners online, to shop online and almost have everything with ease from online stores. The comfortability is more. You need not physically surf from one store to another to check on the positives and negatives of a product and waste time, instead just surf online and make instant decisions and even purchase from the comfort of your home or office. Creating a free Facebook store and including in your Facebook page would go a long way in promoting your product to friends and family and also creating an opportunity for your customers or visitors to make a purchase then and these without much trouble, thereby increasing your sales and reputation through word of mouth.

There are various marketers that help people who want to establish themselves through the Facebook stores and for such people the glad news is that companies like Ravox could help you reach far wide by offering your products to hundreds and thousands of members directly through Facebook and other social networking sites. Ravox helps in having thousands of networkers who keep adding new features to Facebook and thus promoting and improving your business on a day to day basis at higher rates.

The principle behind this kind of growth is simple. Basically almost all of us would like to purchase thing that have been recommended by our friends and family as that would definitely hold credibility and this is the basic theory that Ravox uses, so that based on the number of credibility, there would be more number or buyers and marketing based on this factor would be looked into by Ravox. You just have to make sure that the product that you offer is of best quality and services are best so that while being promoted, your products get noticed and wanted on higher rates when compared to other competitor’s products.

Ravox Facebook ecommerce app provides a great platform in building up a great marketing arena through the Facebook online stores and thus helps like minded people get closer and spread the word of good quality products that would definitely be in demand by more and more networked contacts through online purchasing. Therefore opening a Facebook store is the best way in promoting and marketing ones product on a wider platform and gain more business.


Set up a facebook store and get benefit from it

Being on facebook helps you to get in touch with many numbers of people and these connections would help in establishing your business or products and thus would help you in achieving great incomes from them. All that you have to do is, when you have a facebook account, just create a facebook store and dealers would rush in to and you would not need for any other kind of marketing or advertising as the media will do it. In order to attain effective results, you have to know exactly how to market your product through social media and to know more about facebook eCommerce. Having a facebook account is no more a big deal. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a facebook account and every single event that happen in life is being posted in there. However, only few have considered to create facebook store or set up facebook store page and generate income from it.

One effective tool is having a store to buy your products. This would enable customers who visit your site to purchase products that they like and in any chance you do not have a cart, you could easily create one using any store app, so that the customer does not have to leave the page while purchasing and thus making is more customer friendly and open to the audience. This would create great effective in marketing your product.

Another effective tool is getting maximum like on your page. The more number of like, the more your contacts get widened. In this way the awareness of your product reaches to a larger audience. This promotes your product and the chances of being purchased are high. Larger the number of audiences, greater the chance of being more recognized. And the chances of understanding your product and buying it. The platform is large and huge and the chances of purchase and recognition for your brand are easier.

Any new organization or brands that are opening up new, also makes it a point these days to set up a facebook store, so that they get maximum coverage for their product and thus help in building up their business and relationships. Merchants and companies should make full use of this option so that they get the maximum benefits for their business.

Since social networking sites are the best place to get yourself and your product noticed, and, in every aspect facebook outsmarts the others and it is the best platform these days to market oneself and their products to bring in great business. Choosing the right platform is one basic tool in effective advertising and having a facebook account and setting up a facebook store is one of the effective tools in advertising your product and in turn building great business.