Bitvore raised Series A Funding Rounds

A business information gathering and analysis company, California based Bitvore has raised a Series A funding on March 2014.It supports cloud based service that provides real time information to business firms. It functions as support services that receives several sources of dynamic data and identify important information based on continuously changing business needs. Finally, the company share the results with other systems in real- time in cloud community.

 Precisely, Bitvore consumes massive volumes of changing content from structured and unstructured data sources (such as websites, blog postings, email and Twitter) organizes it by concept and context – presents it to the users based on their preference. According to the company its sources ranges from internal databases and emails to external websites and social media. The company counts a growing number of investment houses and Wall Street firms among its customer base.

 The investors in Series A funding rounds include Southern California tech investor Yuri Pikover and about quarter sum of money in total $4.5M raised from crowd-funding sources. Bitvore differs from other companies of similar kind those create big data analytics technology that requires months of development and specialized work by data scientists. Bitvore claims, information available with them are specific, but simple enough that even someone with no experience could make it productive within less time. Finally, unlike traditional big data mining tools, Bitvore software can quickly be reconfigured by the customer to add new topics and offers.

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