Bitcoin Payment Gateway by GoCoin

The GoCoin is a payment gateway for Bitcoin, as if alias of paypal, or many of such kinds which enables merchants to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin payments at checkout. The company is solely a platform that operates for bitcoin exchanges that is on the way to gain supremacy over economic world as alternative currency. Since introduced in 2009, Bitcoin has not gained appreciable acceptance from customer side as a fully functioning virtual currency. Bitcoin or cryptocurrency aimed to function as a kind of digital money, means it had to work as a unit of account, a medium of exchange, and a store of value. As bitcoin has not tied to any country or union of nations, or subject to any regulation the validity on its monetary value and potency could be a matter of disbelief. For instance,yet the lion’s share of US population is unaware of Bitcoin, sounds strange but true.

Now, to make the integration easy with customer URL, for checkout payment gateway the company provide a  ready API(Application Programming Interface). Since there exists many suspicions about Bitcoin, the company has taken a challenge to close all loop holes by timely monitoring of Bitcoin regulations and proceed appropriately to ensure all appropriate registrations.

The company has been funded around $2.05M in Seed and Series A funding rounds raised by Prolific Venture Capital, Owen Van Natta, Andrew Frame, Bit Angels, Mikael Pawlo, Jonathan Congdon, Ruvento,  Ronnie Wee, Gary Stiffelman, David Neuman, BitcoinShop, Owen Van Natta. The team plans to utilize the funds to increase geographical span and appoint more engineers. Being a startup, company focus on providing Bitcoin payment processing for e-Commerce, digital content and interactive or social gaming companies. It also focus to launch current beta product publicly with an target on the Asian and South American countries. Perseus Telecom, Robocoin,, Bitcoin Shop, Inc., QikFunder and KnCminer are some of the customers of GoCoin.


Create Facebook Store and Promote Your e-Business

The internet holds a great place today in the world of marketing and online marketing is the key tool these days to promote a business, whether small or big. The giant Facebook has captured so much that opening Facebook stores is one among the greatest methods in promoting business these days. Having a website and opening up online stores like the Facebook online stores is what is being well recommended these days in the world of marketing online.

ravox facebook store

Facebook store

One of the main reasons why it is recommended to open these online stores are because people look for partners online, to shop online and almost have everything with ease from online stores. The comfortability is more. You need not physically surf from one store to another to check on the positives and negatives of a product and waste time, instead just surf online and make instant decisions and even purchase from the comfort of your home or office. Creating a free Facebook store and including in your Facebook page would go a long way in promoting your product to friends and family and also creating an opportunity for your customers or visitors to make a purchase then and these without much trouble, thereby increasing your sales and reputation through word of mouth.

There are various marketers that help people who want to establish themselves through the Facebook stores and for such people the glad news is that companies like Ravox could help you reach far wide by offering your products to hundreds and thousands of members directly through Facebook and other social networking sites. Ravox helps in having thousands of networkers who keep adding new features to Facebook and thus promoting and improving your business on a day to day basis at higher rates.

The principle behind this kind of growth is simple. Basically almost all of us would like to purchase thing that have been recommended by our friends and family as that would definitely hold credibility and this is the basic theory that Ravox uses, so that based on the number of credibility, there would be more number or buyers and marketing based on this factor would be looked into by Ravox. You just have to make sure that the product that you offer is of best quality and services are best so that while being promoted, your products get noticed and wanted on higher rates when compared to other competitor’s products.

Ravox Facebook ecommerce app provides a great platform in building up a great marketing arena through the Facebook online stores and thus helps like minded people get closer and spread the word of good quality products that would definitely be in demand by more and more networked contacts through online purchasing. Therefore opening a Facebook store is the best way in promoting and marketing ones product on a wider platform and gain more business.


How to Setup An Online Business With Turnkey Web Scripts?

If you want to have a successful and flourishing online business these days, you got to come up with innovative business concepts and you should make yourself acquainted with ways on how to turn those concepts into a reality. The first thing is all up to you i.e. creativity which is a part of everyone’s brain. You got to somehow strike upon an innovative concept. To make it a reality, well that is when you could make use of numerous turnkey scripts available online these days to kick start your business. Today the internet has several options for you to venture into and finding out a perfect script to churn out your dream business website.

Suppose you want to start an online retail website similar to e-Bay and Amazon, then it is quite easy to do so because there would be several open source scripts available for the same in the internet and you can customize it with the help of technical experts to fit your business needs. If you have technical expertise with regards to modifying scripts, then you can very well customize such web scripts on your own thereby making significant savings on developmental and customization charges. Talking about website scripts, you can search online for perhaps any kind of script that would transform into an exciting business opportunity. You can have PHP based scripts for websites such as online matchmaking, online billing, social media management, online design, back up and so on. The list is endless.

With regards to open source scripts, the best thing about it is that you do not have to worry about designing and developing of a whole website as well as regulations that prevent customization. Almost every aspect of a modern day web based business portal can be made a reality with the help of these turnkey scripts. You need to spend a little time with acquainting yourself with these software after they have been customized and set up for your business or if you have managers or administrators to handle operations, then you are relieved from that complexity as well. Once up and running, the website made by the script would be robust and capable of handling user traffic during the course of the operation and also allow the website to scale its functionality and network management as traffic increases as well as with the growth of your business.

So with an effective website script, getting into the vast online business map is so easy and you could very well see a robust and fruitful growth for your business if you manage to couple such high end software infrastructure with hardware infrastructure as well as effective promotion and marketing strategies. Doing business online has never been this easy before.

Ecommerce Website Builder – Build Your Online Store Within Minutes

With the world economy facing a financial crisis, only a handful of industries manage to overcome the gloom and among them one of the key names would be the e-commerce industry. This is the reason why having an e-commerce website builder software at your disposal can turn out to be a very fruitful option at this time of dire and recession. Several retail enterprises are cashing in on online shopping carts and they want solutions that could develop an online store of their choice as quickly as possible. And today there are several online store builder software packages that allow you to build your dream online store within minutes.

Using an e-commerce store builder to design a website is far easier than having to design one from the root up all by yourself. They have all the necessary functionalities integrated into them thereby giving you time to focus your attention onto more important issues. They can easily build an online store in minutes with all the desired features you want and most of them have been created keeping in mind strict SEO perspectives.

These software packages take care of all the coding and framework issues that you will face if you opt to build it by yourself. Most of these e-commerce website builder software packages have inbuilt themes and layouts which you can use to create an attractive and well laid out store website. The interfaces for customising and setting up are top notch and are quite easy to use. If at all you need any help, there will be tutorials and other forms of support available all the time. Setting up such a website has never been so easy in the past. This level of comfort can be made possible only by an effective online store builder software package.

Online stores have started to become a part of modern day lifestyle activities. No longer do people want to waste time searching for a physical store to buy any item. Anything that is available in your nearest shop is available online at the several shopping cart websites and the best part about it is that they mostly come at lower prices thanks to the direct sourcing of products from the manufacturers thereby eliminating middlemen commission and costs. It is necessary to ensure that you have a robust logistics infrastructure to support your online store and once you have done that, the online store builder software will take care of the rest. They provide interfaces for addition of products, modifications, space for banners and advertisements, company logo, etc. Setting up of categories and sub categories for various products is easy as there would be pre built options for that.

As such using an ecommerce website builder software to create an online store is a highly feasible option if you want to cash in on the growing e-commerce industry. If promoted well, your shopping cart website would see phenomenal growth once you have attained the trust and confidence of your customers.