10 Points To Take Care While Creating Your Online Barter Network

Bartering goods online is one of those online trends that saw a wide spread trading interest. Though initially not much recognized, barter networks did make a transforming change in the online market places. As in any type of trade and exchange there are certain things to be taken care of while bartering your goods online. Creating the online barter network is a challenging task. Span of such a type of business depends on the requirements, provisions and priorities of the parties involved in trade and therefore it’s necessary to have fine features involved in the website.

You should be able to manage all activities linked with the website in a centralized manner. The powerful admin area should be able to operate different functionalities of the website as well. The interface should be designed in such a way that it can support any number of product categories and their sub categories. If the barter network created is capable of supporting any number of users and products it would certainly lead to huge expansion of your market place. Barter network building scripts are available in the market. If the scripts used are open source, it would enable you to customize the website anytime according to your requirements. Such scripts would usually involve SEO enhanced HTML codes which can generate a good enough traffic for the website which can ultimately lead to increased sales.

Feedback mechanism forms an essential part of any service and plays a key role in determining the quality of work. Also, the customer satisfaction rate goes high if the barter software seems to be user friendly. User guides and other manuals will make it easier for a new user.

Since these networks are not created in a geographic location specific manner, it would be best if it can support the most common payment gateways that include PayPal, Google Checkout and so on. Also these gateways wouldn’t require you to host a secure server to enable safe transactions thus avoiding another expense and risk. As part of business strategies, it’s recommended that the network can support both e-scrow and non-escrow methods.A The network created should be safe enough for online transactions. It should be created in a secure manner, so that it’s safe from internet threats like phishing, identity theft and other online scams. Users should be authenticated automatically, by email or by admin, eliminating time to manually approve. But all these activities should be tracked.A The network should include trading with points. This is to accommodate the forex values for different countries.

Attractive themes and graphics to choose from and support features like banners and tags would make the website appear more exciting and entertaining. . The system is well set to run a successful online business if the website is able to remain compatible with different platforms, ensuring safe and reliable transactions and runs a quality feedback mechanism.

Online swapping system Vs Traditional barter system

The barter system is a simple way of exchanging services and goods without the use of money. Traditional bartering can be done between two or more people. In the ancient societies, bartering was done between enemies and people who even did not knew each other. In modern societies, people often resort to barter when there is a form of crisis where money loses its value or is difficult to come by. Continue reading…

Swap your Goods Online

Swapping is a process which includes exchange of goods or services for goods or services without the medium of money exchange. It is very much similar to the ancient barter system; in most of the countries it is usually bilateral or multilateral. But there is no evidence that a society existed completely on barter system. Barter system usually existed between total strangers or enemies. There was rarely barter system between family members or friends as there lied a gift concept between them. One to one swapping system occurs between individuals in businesses on an informal manner. Online swapping is a very useful concept as you can sell out the unwanted things that you never needed for something useful, that you wanted to have for a quite long time. It could be books, bags, gadgets, movies, shoes, etc. This is one of the best solutions for all the useless things dumped at our homes.
The development of Internet and software programs has favored swapping industry’s growth. The latest technology Web 2.0 has made it possible to include concept of barter in business. The industries that consider exchanging goods and services as a mutual benefit and not money have gained more through the barter system. Online swapping is a barter system that is performed via Internet communities. In online swapping business, trust is the ultimate basis because there can be pranks or people who bluff you. Hence, this is the biggest disadvantage of online swapping industry, as there is no guarantee that they will receive the goods after bargaining or after making payments. In spite of all this, the existence and growth of Internet based consumer swapping has made it very clear that it actually works. But the survey states that online swapping system is going through a transformation and trying to making it more secure. Some online swapping sites charge fee for registration and advertising their products. There are some sites that provide free access for barter process. Each of these host sites have set a certain percent of transaction which belongs to them. Each person who has the swapping account will contain all the list of things that they have bought and sold. Following are some common features of an online swapping software:

Registration to this site should be open to all and it can be paid or free, as per the requirement of the host.
Virtual swapmeet – Here transaction is virtually seen i.e., you are unable to see the actual object.
Support buying and selling – A member of this site should be able to sell a product, at the same time purchase.
Members should be able to negotiate or bargain.
It should also support unlimited category or multiple category options.
Barter software should have shipment services for the products to reach their source destination.

It should be better to have a Swap software that supports escrow services and also with an editable user guide  and help