What to look in a T- Shirt Printing Software?

Self designed T-shirts are back in form and so there are a wide range of T-Shirt Printing Softwares in the store. You can customize your T-shirt with any kind of logo, a family picture, printed text, etc. Most of the T-shirt printing services are now proposing web based tools for you to select your own fabric design, picture, text, color, font, etc. In addition to that you have an add-on feature to upload your own customized design and print it. Today the technology has advanced so far that there are hundreds of businesses that can reduce the start up investment and increase the efficiency. For this you need internet access, along with that few dedicated employees and can start making revenue quickly.

Following are some quick notes on how to identify good T-shirt printing software:
1. There are a large number of printing softwares available if you check in the search engines. But most of them may be outdated, so confirm if it uses the latest technology for printing.
2. Software has to be error free i.e., the user should not face any sort of bugs while handling this software.
3. Another major feature to keep in mind is that this software should be an open source code so according to client’s requirements the site can be modified.
4. This software should be user friendly i.e., user should not feel any sort of discomfort in handling this software.
5. Also the ink used for T-shirt printing should be waterproof, so that it does not come off even after repeated washes. The T-shirt fabric should be of a better quality and durable.
6. This software must be easily installable i.e., the site should be up and running in few minutes. Site maintenance should be also simple.
7. Also this software should have a wide variety of innovative designs, themes, font and background which will grab customer’s attention towards you and not to your challenger.
8. You should have a study on all the features provided by the software so as to make sure you opt for the best. Customization is one of the primary features i.e., customize the color, font, image, themes, etc.
9. You should have an option of placing the order in a bulk or as many as garments the customer needs.
10. This software should have a reliable shipping facility, so the client won’t have to be worried about. Also shipping cost is usually much higher so the customers will not be willing to do online shopping, so you should offer shipping discounts for bulk orders.
11. They should also provide multiple payment gateways, making it more flexible for the customers to make the transactions simpler. More the number of payment processors it is linked with, determine how efficient the software is.

These are some of the major features that we need to look in a T Shirt Design Software and this is applicable to almost all type of print design software. Since the expectations of a user rises every day one need to take care that the online t shirt design is updated with the latest technologies.

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