Modern Way of Designing a T-Shirt

T-Shirts are always in trend, so you might be having a good collection of T-Shirts but might have never given it a thought how a T-Shirt is designed or how the printing process is done. T-Shirts are not only for clothing purpose but it can be an affiliated group or advertisements purposes, etc. It is one of the best methods for advertising political slogans, tourist destinations, artwork, sports, etc. Early days, the traditionally used technique for printing T-shirt was Screen printing and Heat transfer printing technology. Screen printing included solvent oil mixed with color, the stencil design is transferred to fabric screen area. The next step is to place this screen on the T-Shirt to be printed on. Paint is then poured onto the fabric screen. Applying more than one color might be time consuming and costly but the quality of the print is worth it. Heat transfer is another conventional method that contains pre-coating than 30% solvent oil. In this technique the design is printed on a special transfer paper which lets you make complex designs. Then the design is pressed or ironed onto the T-Shirt. Heat transfer technique is much more time saving and affordable. This solvent oil liquid includes toxic elements like benzene toluene. These are highly contaminated elements that can cause cancer, drowsiness, dizziness leading to death. Besides this, while printing there is a strong odor this can also adversely affect the health conditions of the people around.

The advancement in technology has led to a wide range of techniques for T-Shirt printing. The current trend of T-Shirt printing is the digital printing method, by which you can print unique designs onto your T-Shirt. It is a ready to operate software, i.e., designs, logo, text, picture can be easily printed on T-Shirts, mugs, bags, caps, water bottle, etc. Digital printing contains water based inks and you only need to put the customized image to your computer, then directly print it on your T-Shirt. It is a fast process; your T-shirt is ready in just a few minutes. Digital printing is the safest method as there is no harm as in the case of traditional methods as discussed above. So it is an environment-friendly and healthy technique. This method is not at all expensive and a very fast process, so it is highly efficient. Digital printing technique lets your customer experiment on their creative ides and customizes the design as they prefer. Once the design is completed then it is ready for printing.

Online Design Software is not all that expensive as it does not have any initial investment; all you should have is an internet connection. The installation of this printing design software is quiet simple; install this using an installing wizard and will be in a state to use in few minutes. Such software is a necessity for T-Shirt manufacturing companies as it makes online t shirt design and printing easier.

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