Why do companies outsource their server management activities?

Outsourcing seems to be the right choice when you are faced with situations like this. Outlined below are some points that companies can evaluate for outsourced technical support and server management:

* Focus on Core Activities: Outsourcing your server management, server monitoring and maintenance to an IT services company helps the company to concentrate its resources and strength on the core business activities. This helps in expanding the business rather than investing time and energy in handling with the technical support requests that pile up at the support desk. Usually, these kinds of activities are undertaken by an offshore Network Operations Center (NOC) where skilled staff of the service provider monitor and manage the infrastructure, ensuring up-times and availability.

* Cost Savings: Outsourcing can open doors to access cost-effective services. When compared to the costs for the same services with the same level of quality, outsourced work becomes more economical at times to a whopping 50% to 60% savings. Imagine hiring a full help-desk staff including managers, specialist and support executives to cover the phones or support tickets in case of sick days, vacations and other absences. This can almost double the company size and can put tremendous financial strain. In short, getting access to high quality services at a cost effective price is the biggest benefit that can be enjoyed.

* Skilled Manpower: Most of the time, IT services do not happen to be the core competency of your company but then again the company cannot do without IT. Today business is no longer restricted by geographical boundaries – thanks to the ever changing face of IT. In order to cope up with these changes, it is best advised to outsource IT services to a company which is specialized in that particular business process. Moreover, the service provider would be able to resolve technical glitches faster compared to your in-house staff as they would be having a vast resource of their internal knowledge base. It may also be possible that they would have come across the issue somewhere in the past and so the turn-around time for a solution is pretty quick. By outsourcing technical support to an outside source brings in a vast resource of knowledge and experience at no extra costs to you.

* 24×7 Tech Support: Remote server monitoring and server management is a full time job that needs real professionals who can handle your servers professionally. Give this a thought: when your business closes for the day, does your technology and equipments close down to on which the business depends? Outsourced server management; server monitoring and server maintenance requires specific skill sets and hiring people with such skill sets and with right attitude is a difficult job in its own way. Due to these reasons, outsourcing of server monitoring, server maintenance and server management is becoming a norm. Moreover, Network Operations Centers (NOC) work 24×7 which gives you peace of mind with the assurance that someone is looking after your mission critical servers while you sleep.

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