What Is Meant By Remote Tech Support?

Technical support is the back bone of any product or service offered by the organization. As the world grew up to a computerized society, the need to solving computer issues effortlessly became a necessity. The different means of technical support offered include phone support, chat support, email support, support in person and remote tech support. Out of all the various support systems in place, remote technical support via internet is the most preferred one by the customers.

Remote technical support involves linking to the problem computer via internet, diagnosing the problem, experimenting with possible solution steps, fix the issue and verify the solution stability. The support engineer uses the desktop sharing software to get access to the trouble computer. The software enables you to take control of the remote computer and can coordinate the support engineers mouse clicks and key strokes with the problem computer.

Earlier it used to be a tedious job to carry your device to the local support store to fix a software issue. Now it takes less than half an hour to fix a software issue with the help of remote technical support. The limitations of other means of support are very much resolved by remote tech support. Unavailability of internet connection would be the only situation in which one cannot make use of remote technical support for a software issue with the computer. Health check of the system, virus removal, mail client troubles, scanning for spyware, software upgrades and new application installations are some of the most commonly handled issues in remote technical support.

The cost involved in getting a support person on the site is saved with the help of remote technical support. In phone, chat or email support, if the customer is not a technical person, the support engineer would have to put it in the simplest manner and even then it’s not necessary that the customer would be able to perform the steps depicted. Remote support solutions make the procedure run in a much smoother way rather than spending hours on the phone or chat. Email support system has always been condemned about the turnaround time. The explanation given originally by the customer will not be enough for the engineer to spot the issue. Therefore another set of questions would be send back to the customer which will give some insight about the issue faced by the customer. Even then it would take a lot time to make the customer perform the required technical steps to resolve the issue faced. In remote support solutions, all this hassles are overcome as the engineer has straight access to the problem computer and perform the required resolution steps either in the customer’s presence or absence.

Remote technical support can only be used to fix software related issues, and only if internet is available. Unavailability of internet being the only constraint, remote technical support is more favored owing to its reduced time and cost involved. Remote technical support is one of the most easily and hassle free troubleshooting method.

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