Online swapping system Vs Traditional barter system

The barter system is a simple way of exchanging services and goods without the use of money. Traditional bartering can be done between two or more people. In the ancient societies, bartering was done between enemies and people who even did not knew each other. In modern societies, people often resort to barter when there is a form of crisis where money loses its value or is difficult to come by.

There are some conditions that make the traditional barter system work. The  most important is the convergence of wants. Since barter is a direct exchange, you will need to have someone who not only have what you are looking for, but who is also interested in what you have to offer. For example if you have a dress to exchange for a shoe, you must find someone who wants a dress and is willing to pay for it with a shoe. This makes  the traditional barter trading system a bit more difficult. The second condition for the successful operation of the traditional barter system is that the two parties should be able to come into direct contact for the exchange to occur.

It is not uncommon for people to think in such a way that barter is a primitive system that cannot be used in modern society. However, this notion is completely false as there is a current form of exchange which is just like the traditional barter system – online swapping.

Online swapping has developed from the introduction of web 2.0 which allows  more interaction between various internet users. There are many platforms created for people to be able to swap what they have for what they want without necessarily using money. Online swapping has made it easy for almost everything to be exchanged without the use of money: cars, dresses, electronics and even homes could easily be swapped.

Online swapping system came about when celebrities realized that one way they could get rid of clothes they don’t want is by exchanging them among themselves. Then, businessmen took it up and set up various systems to facilitate the exchange.

One will have to get registered with an online swapping website in order to successfully swap things. Registration for most of these websites is free while payment is required for others. Most websites that offer free registration meet the cost of maintenance through other ways like taking a little commission for successful transactions. In order to make online swapping successful, most of these websites provide support services such as shipping.

Although online swapping systems are much easier and  convenient when compared to traditional barter systems, there are some difficulties or hurdles that come with them. It is not certain whether the other party will accept what is offered to him. The good or service may be returned if the other party is not satisfied after examining it. This is because online swapping is done in virtual space and the goods are not physically examined before delivery. Trust is therefore a very essential factor in doing online swapping since people don’t meet face to face. That is why most websites keep a steady record of successful transactions that each individual has done.

Despite these difficulties, online swapping is one of the cheapest ways of getting what you want. You can also set up your own swapping website with the help of various barter script or barter software that are available on the net. Using a swap software makes it easy for you to create your own swap website.

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