Major threats while creating an online dating site on your own

The internet has given us a great opportunity to live differently. It has now become possible for people to search for their life partners on the internet through the services of online dating websites. There are  many people who have taken advantage of this online opportunity to set up online dating businesses. Setting up an online dating website can be easy. But there are various risks involved in doing this.

Copyright risks

There are a lot of copyright risks involved while setting up an online dating website. The first is the choice of name and here you could fall into a big problem with the name you choose to give to your dating website. If you choose a name is already existing on the net, and which is registered, you may be sued for stealing.

This problem can be solved by registering your domain name. All business who deal in domain names have various ways of checking whether the name already exist or not. They will make quick suggestions as to new names that will pose no problem.


One major risk associated with online dating is the use of such websites by crooks to lure unsuspecting daters into scams. Dating scams are very much  common and setting up a dating website might mean providing the platform for such criminals. If you are not really careful, you might be taken as part of their network. This problem is common with all the free dating websites.

Asking users to pay a small amount for their subscriptions will drive away most of these criminals because most of them come from countries where online payments are not at all available. Also, such people do not want to spend money on subscriptions as they have to subscribe to a lot of sites.

Legal suits

In case users of your website fall into the hands of criminals, they may take legal action against you for providing the platform for the criminals. This might happen if you don’t take time to draw a comprehensive terms and conditions of use that includes well written disclaimers. In your haste to set up an online dating site, you might well forget to post a terms and condition page or you might even consider it irrelevant since most internet users hardly read them. But it is a protection for you. If you have the means take the services of a legal practitioner to draft this for you and make sure that all those who sign up to your site agree to the terms and conditions.


This is one of the most popular tricks that criminals are using to steal highly sensitive personal information and data from websites that people sign up to. It involves a criminal creating a clone of your website and luring users to click on a link to it as if it is yours. Then they use sophisticated tools to steal passwords and credit card information for fraudulent purposes. After they are gone, you get blamed and even arrested for their activities. That is why you need to secure your website and making users aware of the security measures.


Just as any business venture, there is the possibility of your website failing to make it to popularity. The online dating business is not a get rich quick scheme. You might lose all the money you invested in setting it up if you don’t apply the necessary measure to make it succeed. Making a loss is always a risky in business including online dating business.

Even though there are various risks while creating your own dating sites, there are various dating site script that are available which makes your job more easy. These dating softwaresaves you a lot of time and money  and you just need to choose the best php dating scriptthat suits your requirement.

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