a fresh aproach to business models – KillerStartups profile

Recently KillerStartups profiled iScripts in their article A fresh aproach to business models .  some excerpts from the article.
“iScripts offers a number of products for entrepreneurs to start online businesses in a cost-efficient and customizable way. These web applications go by the name of iScripts, and they encompass different business models. For instance, the interested party can create social sites along with eCommerce portals of every denomination. The products are also offered as source available and (as it was mentioned above) they can be customized as the user sees fit. Moreover, it is possible to place a script request through the site, so that it can be said that every type of business proposition is made viable by the company.

The main page lists the many iScripts that can be readily purchased and put into practice, whereas a “Showcase” section is also part of the premises. This part of the site will let you have a glance at different live websites powered by iScripts applications”

This is a economical and painless way of implementing teh business model you have for your business. Once you prove your business mdel you can always fine tune it.

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