How to find out best domain name for your site

The most important and also very necessary things you must do in order to set up a website for your business is choosing a domain name. A domain name is what it shows your address on the web and people will find your website through. That is why you must choose the best one before you decide on the domain name for your business. Here it shows how to find a good domain name for your website.

Decide on which type of domain name to choose

There are  mainly two types of domain names: descriptive and branded. A descriptive domain name uses keywords associated to the business. May this is not the actual name of the business, but could be very close to the business. An example of such a domain name is “” Everyone who hears can understand exactly what the core function of the business is.

While choosing a descriptive domain name, you must have a research to find out which keywords best describe your business. Most appropriate keyword will help in making search engines find your website quickly. That means it will help you make a great start in SEO right from the choice of your domain name.

Branded domain names are more like the real name of the business. They don’t offer any explanation about the business. For example a domain name like or does not say anything about the business . Selecting a branded domain name means may be you already have an  known brand to promote, or you are ready to promote the brand after registering your domain name.

A domain name should be memorable

Make sure that name you have chosen is easy to recall. People should find it easy to remember, and type your domain name into the web browser. So it should be short. The normal length of your domain name is 20 characters even if they can be longer up to 63 characters. In order to make the name unique, you can use  many popular shortcuts such as “2” for “to” and “4” for “for.” An example will be “”

Choose a domain extension that suits your business

There are various types of extensions. Each are giving different meaning to it. The most popular .com authorize a commercial website, .org is primarily for nonprofit organizations, There are some more extensions, .net and .info. It is recommended that you register multiple domains in order to prevent other people from creating a similar domain names to compete with you.

Check for the availability of your domain name

This is some what easy to do. Most free domain and hosting providers have verification systems on their websites to help you do this. You just have to type  your selected domain name into a search box and click a verification button. Then it will show whether the particular name is available or not. Some times it will give some  suggestions based on your input in case the name you have chosen is not available. Be careful if you decide to accept suggestions. Always it is better to create your own domain name.Not many companies are offering free domain hosting. When it is free make sure their technical service  are also up to the mark .

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