Features expected for an ideal backup software

There are a many things on your computer you don’t want to lose. If you are a businessman, these include financial details, payroll data, contract details, product designs, business plans and many more. Each Individual has books, photos, documents and videos of memorable occasions, music, etc that are just priceless. There is also some important software to protect.

You will need to backup all these things to avoid losing them definitely in case of any disaster occurs. You will need help of backup software to do this. The question that comes is which software to select and which features to look for in backup software. Here are a few important features to look for.

Ease of use

This is probably one of the most important features of any software. No matter how helpful the backup software is, if it is not usable, it is not worth anything. Backup software package should have a user friendly interface that anybody can use. In addition, the backup software should be easy to install with the help of a well planed wizard. You should not be a computer guru to maintain backup software.


The backup software you choose should have characteristics that allow you to schedule regular backups if you are not taken aback in the case of unfortunate problems. But you should have the option to initiate your own backup according to your will. There are times you want a back up some of your important document you just created and your software should allow you to backup only these documents. What this means is that the software should be adaptable.

Accurate Reports

Good backup software should always capable of giving situational reports about backups. It should be able to indicate which files were successful and which ones failed. This will help you take any remedial action for securing your data properly. Reports should be sent to your email address, if you are backing up online.


The purpose of backing up is to recreate the files when you need them. That means that the backup software should protect data in case of any kinds of damage and corruption occurs for the data. The software should provide good data encryption that keeps third parties from having access to information preserved in remote locations.

There is also the need for an integrated virus protection. This enables the scanning and making clean of all data files before they are kept in a backup system. This is an essential feature for software for online backup solution. Viruses and other malware should not be allowed on the servers; this might compromise data from all users all over the world.

Quick downtime rate

Another reason you want to backup is to have your data quickly available in case of a system failure so in order to avoid life and business coming to a halt. Good backup software should make data available in a matter of seconds and minutes. It should also be possible for you to chose which files to install during a system restoration.

Technical support

There should be technical support available to help you resolve problems that arise when using the backup software. This is very essential especially during the restoration process.

You cannot expect all these features to be present in all the online data backup software .Whether it is abranded online backupsoftware or not, you need to check the tool technically to confirm its quality. In general cases most of these online backup script or php backup script are tested before being released so that the major errors would not be present in the software.

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