10 Useful Essentials for a Good School Management System

A good School Management System is always accepted by educational institutions and if they find that the software is not upto the mark, they simply dump it. As a result the company that develops the tool loses its faith and reputation.

The reason behind this is that world class educational institutions never compromise on quality and efficiency and they simply dump anything that they feel are not up to the mark. So before releasing such products, make sure that they are upto to the international standards, so that they don’t end up losing their reputation.  Here are 10 Useful essentials for a good school management system (not necessarily in the order)

1) User Friendly
Since most of the students and teachers do not have high technical knowledge, the school management software should be as user friendly as possible. Making it complex may end up in the users making frequent mistakes, which may tamper the reputation of the system. So try to make the software more simple and user friendly.

2) Bug Free
Bugs or errors are a common thing that comes while developing a new software or tool. This may not create problem while targeting a small audience, but if the software is to travel a larger area of the globe, then bugs or errors are not at all appreciated. To make a world class school management software, you need to make sure that the software is 100% bug free.

3) High Efficiency Level
Speed and efficiency must be in harmony if you want to make your school management tool a global hit. If your tool is too slow in responding, then customers might stop using it and shift to any other software available. So make sure that speed, accuracy and efficiency are not compromised while your product is launched for sales.

4) High Level of Security
There might be data security issues in large educational institutions and since the software usually operates in a LAN, chances of data insecurity are there. So make sure that the software is equipped to tackle any security issues that arises.

5) Database Backup Facilities
All the employee and student records are generally transferred into a database. In any case if the software crashes, the information in the database also would be gone. So make sure that the school management software has an automated database back up facility so that no data loss is experienced when the system crashes.

6) Automated Report Generation
An educational institution always need to generate reports at any time. It can be a financial report, student performance report, staff report etc. So the system should be equipped to generate all the major reports and with accuracy and speed.

7) Graphical Analysis of Student’s and Staff’s Performance
Images speaks much better than words and it is always easier to analyze and compare performances based on a graph or chart. A graphical analysis can quickly tell you about the performance level of a particular student or teacher. So make sure that apart from the general report, the student management system is also capable of generating graphical reports.

8) Compatible with both Internet and Intranet
Since the system is shared by a large number of users in the case of a large educational institution, it should be compatible with both Internet and Intranet.

9) Automated Staff and Student administration
The system should be fully automated and in a large educational institution one needs to manage a large number of students and staffs. If the school management solution is fully automated it would be an added advantage for the administrator to mange.

10) An E-Learning Facility for Students from All Grades
school management system should strictly have an e-Learning facility for students and should have the complete syllabus for all grades embedded within. Since it is compatible with internet, it should also provide options for updating the students and teachers with the latest updations and advancements related to their respective subjects.

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