Best features of online reservation software

Most hotel and hospitality businesses are doing a big lump of their reservation online. This is made possible through the use of online reservation software. There are different types of online reservation software available with the basic characteristic, but the best of this software have other features that differentiate them from the others. If you are in search for hotel reservation software, here are some of the coolest features to look out for.

Compatibility and adaptability

The reservation software you choose should be flexible to all environments. Reservation software has to be used with your website and if it is not compatible with the website, then you cannot set up your system, the wider the range of adaptability the better. That is why the best of reservation software is written with open source scripts.

Open source scripts are highly resourceful because they are not encrypted. That means they could be modified by the end user to suit their needs. Programs written with open source scripts can be easily maintained and updated without security risks.


One of the best features a good reservation system should be the security. Very important and confidential information is required from clients who make hotel reservations. They will have to give personal data and bank details as well as credit card details. These are sensitive information that should not be allowed to sneak into the hands of crooks. Good reservation software should be able to protect these details in order to further customer to use the system.

User friendliness

Most of the people who make reservations online are ordinary people. They will not therefore be ready to waste time on any complicated issues; the response to such systems will end up in finding a user friendly one. For a hotel owner, that will mean turning promising clients away. For hotel reservation software to be cool, it should be simple and straight forward. Besides such details as name, address and credit card information which should be typed, all other information should be provided just by a click of a mouse.

Easy to install

Online reservation software should be easy to install. It should come in a package that is able to open setup in a single click. If there are other programs needed for easy installation, these should be included in the path and program it to start automatically when required. Installation should be done through a simple, easy to follow installation wizard.


It should be able to change the theme and pictures of the interface to suit that of the hotel. There should be the options of adding or removing the non basic characteristics of the system. It should be scalable to support all the services given by the hotel such as breakfast, room service, laundry services etc.


Finally, the price of the online reservation software should be affordable. No matter which feature are included in the software, if it is not negotiable, no one will buy it. Price is a major factor in defining cool hotel reservation software.

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