Advantages of Using Open Source PHP Scripts

What is PHP? Initially, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) was used by programmers as a server side scripting language for HTML to make web pages dynamic.

Browsers can only interpret and display HTML code. The options available to make a web page dynamic were to either to write HTML code first and make few parts of it dynamic by injecting PHP code in different parts (also known as “Code Injection Technique”) or use PHP code to generate HTML.  Many developers started writing web pages only in PHP because it works in a very simple manner and its ultimate output is in HTML. It was then that PHP acquired the reputation of acting as a full-fledged solution to common problems.

PHP has become a basic necessity for many businesses and is considered to be the best scripting language option on the market for developers to produce stunning and simple dynamic web pages. As a top performing language in the field of scripting, there are many of advantages of using PHP.  Custom web development, database driven website development and websites with dynamic pages are the core aspects of PHP programming language.

Some of the unique benefits that PHP offers over other programming languages are as follows:

  • One of the major advantages of PHP language is that it is a general purpose open source language. The best feature this technology has is that it can be downloaded for free, which is why it has emerged for those running through a tight budget.  Due to this reason, PHP gained immediate popularity right after this technology had been introduced as a convenient option at no cost.
  • After a website is created, a business may need to make further changes to it such adding additional pages and extra features.  Applying modifications within the website is much easier and faster in PHP than any other scripting language. As PHP coding takes lesser time to build a website, it often turns out to be a reduction in cost and expenses.
  • PHP language is that it is extremely user-friendly as compared to others.  It is also a smart source for developing a high traffic website.
  • PHP is compatible with a number of the servers like Apache and IIS. Compatibility also applies to many operating systems – Windows, Mac or Linux. PHP runs on more than 99% of Web Servers and it works on just about every operating system available.
  • The management is handled well with latest technology used in PHP making it a rich source of database management. When it comes to PHP development, database servers like MySQL are considered best.
  • Custom PHP programming can be applied in several areas for both front-end and back-end web development.

A lot of factors come to mind when designing a dynamic web page such as versatility, reliability, usability, faster speed and efficiency. An open source PHP script is not only cost effective, consistent and highly performing, but it requires less processors space than other scripting languages and is the most preferred web language for most web developers. The language is managed by the vast PHP community of developers and experts responsible for updating the language with the latest applications and creating it more vibrant each year.

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