Turnkey Backup Software – Start Your Own Online Backup Service

Have you ever thought of the benefits that a backup software would provide if you are either a normal home user or you run a company which bases its business models on a server client model of communication and operation? The worst thing people want to see one fine morning is that their computer hard drive has failed to start up which means it is dead. All your precious data, bookmarks, saved passwords etc, all went away without even caring to say a Goodbye. Well just imagine the same scenario happening in a server. The consequences would be disastrous and could lead to the entire business to come to a standstill and could even lead to a situation of bankruptcy for your firm. Failure of hardware is inevitable. It will happen sooner or later no matter how much efficient our systems prove to be.

So what can you do to secure your useful information in the occasion of a disastrous server failure or as far as household customers are worried, what if your computer hard drive isn’t starting or is damaged. The best choice would be to back-up your information regularly so that in the occasion of a crash, you can recover the information onto the fixed hardware or a fresh replacement for the defective components. When businesses are worried, a server crash is disastrous and they may have to take excessive safety actions as well as comprehensive information back-up techniques to prevent their web services from being disturbed. So information back-up is a crucial procedure that cannot be ignored in any sense. So if you have a powerful open source backup software application, you can ensure that your precious data whether it is personal or business related is always in safe hands.

This idea makes for an awesome business concept as well wherein you can start an online backup organisation that provides backup solutions for Windows or Linux based clients and also provide backup services to domestic users. When taking into account the reliability of open source backup software solutions, you should not face much of a problem using them to beginning a business for providing backup services. All you need to do is to get your hands on a powerful PHP backup script to design a website that would allow users to register and use your backup services to secure their data. The business idea could be implemented as follows: a registered user can use the tools provided by your website to aggregate content in his computer or server and upload the backup copy onto your server’s storage area. Then when your user experiences a faulty server or failed Hardrive problem, they can simply download the backup file from your website and plug the data onto their new hardware. It is as simple as that.

While selecting an Open Source backup application, it is vital to ensure that it offers necessary encryption and security measures to prevent sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. This would bolster customer confidence and hence your backup business would scale new heights. Thus with the help of a good PHP Backup software, you can very well kick start a growing business of online back-up solutions.

Multi-vendor shopping cart software –a one stop e-commerce solution

Almost everyone must be aware of the point that these days purchasing on the internet is growing as the biggest commercial venture in the world. There are single brand websites as well as multi vendor product applications available. The internet has turned into a global store wherein individuals from any country can buy products or services from anywhere on the planet. As such the power of purchasing sites is increasing day by day. Today there is thousands of purchasing application sites that assist multiple vendors. This allows customers to buy products of several producers from the same place and at their convenience.

These sites are actually providing a shop for every vendor through their web user interface and owner gets to successfully display all his items to a large audience. Multi vendor purchasing sites work in such a way that all vendors have their own managing interface wherein they can handle their items and its functions as well as estimate their own financial data and keep track of their own stock and inventory.

From a personal perspective, he or she has unlimited choices for the same item from a host of producers or providers. This competitive environment leads to a more affordable purchasing option as compared to single vendor purchasing. Well known multi vendor assisting purchasing application software programs offer great levels of security of sensitive details. They also offer valuable statistics regarding the performance of particular brand items in the web page. These help providers to take crucial decisions as to how to improve their company. Also the levels of convenience of user interface offered by the latest free multi vendor purchasing applications are very high.

Such software also make sure that the accounting process of the administrator or the owner of the website is much easier. He or she can get detailed information on the vendors listed in his site, the sales volume conducted on his website, the revenue made by individual vendors, his net revenue and tax statements. Such high level functionalities make it easier for managing such websites by a small taskforce rather than having to employ hundreds of experts to carefully organize and compute such information. There are options for targeted ads as well as automatic product suggestions for users and these features are a key factor in driving more sales volume in the site. Many of today’s popular multi-vendor shopping cart software support these features and it is quite easy to manage them as well.

The idea of creating a virtual store front for each vendor from which his products can be displayed in several groups of products has enabled a highly user friendly and new shopping experience for users. Earlier there were limitations and people had to buy what a particular brand sold. Now the scene is different. This shopping cart software provides attractive templates to organize products and thereby enhancing user interactivity.

In all multi-store ecommerce is gaining in popularity and they are going to get even bigger in terms of features and outreach in the near future.

What Is Meant By Remote Tech Support?

Technical support is the back bone of any product or service offered by the organization. As the world grew up to a computerized society, the need to solving computer issues effortlessly became a necessity. The different means of technical support offered include phone support, chat support, email support, support in person and remote tech support. Out of all the various support systems in place, remote technical support via internet is the most preferred one by the customers.

Remote technical support involves linking to the problem computer via internet, diagnosing the problem, experimenting with possible solution steps, fix the issue and verify the solution stability. The support engineer uses the desktop sharing software to get access to the trouble computer. The software enables you to take control of the remote computer and can coordinate the support engineers mouse clicks and key strokes with the problem computer.

Earlier it used to be a tedious job to carry your device to the local support store to fix a software issue. Now it takes less than half an hour to fix a software issue with the help of remote technical support. The limitations of other means of support are very much resolved by remote tech support. Unavailability of internet connection would be the only situation in which one cannot make use of remote technical support for a software issue with the computer. Health check of the system, virus removal, mail client troubles, scanning for spyware, software upgrades and new application installations are some of the most commonly handled issues in remote technical support.

The cost involved in getting a support person on the site is saved with the help of remote technical support. In phone, chat or email support, if the customer is not a technical person, the support engineer would have to put it in the simplest manner and even then it’s not necessary that the customer would be able to perform the steps depicted. Remote support solutions make the procedure run in a much smoother way rather than spending hours on the phone or chat. Email support system has always been condemned about the turnaround time. The explanation given originally by the customer will not be enough for the engineer to spot the issue. Therefore another set of questions would be send back to the customer which will give some insight about the issue faced by the customer. Even then it would take a lot time to make the customer perform the required technical steps to resolve the issue faced. In remote support solutions, all this hassles are overcome as the engineer has straight access to the problem computer and perform the required resolution steps either in the customer’s presence or absence.

Remote technical support can only be used to fix software related issues, and only if internet is available. Unavailability of internet being the only constraint, remote technical support is more favored owing to its reduced time and cost involved. Remote technical support is one of the most easily and hassle free troubleshooting method.

The best way to create your virtual shopping mall

The business world has witnessed rapid growth of online trading and the efficiency gained. Significant cutback in transaction costs, improved choice match for buyers and sellers, and enhanced span of trading associations, all added to the value of online market places. The early years of internet was promising enough to revolutionize e-commerce. Success of online market place led to the creation of virtual shopping malls where you can have all shops of your choice under single site and a click away.

Custom applications are available to build and design virtual shopping malls of your imagination with 2D or 3D experience. These highly interactive virtual shopping malls gives a shopping experience which isn’t much similar to what you get by going to a store directly.

The victory of a virtual shopping mall or any online shopping store relies on how safe and customer friendly the site is. The ease of use makes the customer come back for shopping. The trust developed will make the customer a long time happy customer. There are 2D and 3D virtual shopping malls designed, however if the user interface isn’t customer friendly, the application will not be a success in industry.

Information about products sold in the website is a crucial element. Customers rely on this information a lot while choosing a product. Delightful listing of products and a feedback mechanism will add value to the website. Certain websites even offer a real time support online i.e. an automated online assistant. The shopping cart system is another remarkable feature to be inserted. Shopping cart software allows the user to gather different products under a single list and adjust the quantities and even make a comparison of the same product from different brands.

Efficiency of the website to run over the internet without consuming much of the bandwidth is an applauding characteristic. The requirement to install non-standard applications in order to run the website in its totality will affect the goodwill.

Verification of the website by any of the secure transaction accreditation organizations like VISA or VeriSign will add value to the virtual shopping store in terms of security. To make sure accurate function under a sequence of conditions, loads, and unusual events, a tough computation is required.

For few, shopping is just about discovering the best deals and purchasing but for some its relaxation or a place to hang out. It has always been fun to go to different shops and see what they have to sell. The wide recognition of online shopping led to the concept of virtual shopping malls. Identifying the trading necessities of the spectators, designing a fine means of negotiation and providing safer transaction services will pave way to success of online shopping stores and multi-vendor shopping carts.

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