Online Handicrafts Store – Is it a Boon or a Bane?

Online handicraft shopping is an online store where sellers and customers can sell and purchase their hand craft goods in real-time through Internet. The evolution of Internet has made a lot of impossible things possible; and one among them is online shopping.

Following are the reasons why online handicraft shopping is considered as a boon:

1) In the case of online shopping there is no time barriers. It is the best solution for all those who have childrens and have problem in managing them while going for shopping in a local market.

2) Weather and other climatic conditions are not a matter of concern here, as you can shop online from home or any internet café. Shopping can be done at your convenience because there is no opening and closing time as in a local market.

3) Shopping from online craft store is cheaper than offline shopping as they won’t have to meet the expenses like paying wages to sales people, room rent, etc.

4) As you are browsing online without any pressure from vendors, you can make wise decisions.

5) You can do a comparison study on all the products available, unlike in the case of an offline shopping market where you have to run around between shops meeting the traveling expense.

6) There is generally a review section filled in by a genuine user, you can go through this before you purchase.

7) Also you will find all the products around the globe not just the one in your local store, so you have more options.

8) You can compare the prices and features of different products to make a better decision.

9) Payment for an online handicraft shopping can be done via credit card.

10) Shipping and delivery cost will be less if you search for an online store in your country.

Following are the reasons why online handicraft shopping is considered as a bane:

1) In an online hand made craft store, you cannot actually see or feel the item and so you cannot completely rely on them.

2) You will not  be getting the fun of retail handicraft shopping while you buy craft supplies online.

3) Also once you make the payment you will have to wait for its delivery, you cannot get it immediately.

4) If the goods are faulty it will take time for them to replace.

5) At times they fail to provide the guarantee and warranties promised by an online handicraft store.

6) Even though the site  promises security always it is not reliable. This is one reason people do not prefer online shopping.

To do online craft supplies shopping one should have the computer and internet facilities which may not be affordable to a common man in majority of the countries. Also in the case of elderly people it is not easy for them to learn how to operate a computer in their old age.

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