How To Earn Money With Social Networking Websites

From being restricted to just the individuals of Harvard University Facebook now available to anyone across the world, who are above the age groups of 13. As of May 2012, it is revealed to have 900 thousand customers and aim to get to that tough number of 1000 thousand by end of 2012! Twitter is yet another achievements story! It matured out to be a group powerful enough that a tweet caused an end to military ruling of a country!

 The huge hit and popularity of social networking websites led them be tremendous e-commerce space. Those who were in look out for starting up an online business, social networking sites added to the vigor. How to create a social networking site? It means making business by bringing together people of common interest to form a community. It could be restricted group, it could be open to public, it could be a community for employees of a business group and likewise, there are numerous possibilities. However, if you are enduring to make profit out of creating a social networking website, ensure yourself to perform good market research and analysis.

Customized applications are developed using web scripts, which would integrate all the required features for a social networking website. The high number of features and presented segments will help you build a very strenuous web page. There are certain core features that any customer would look forward to in a social networking website.

The administration section gives you complete control over the website with features to generate accurate reports and graphs that are exportable as well. The scalability assured in terms of adding new features and functionalities is very high that you could expand your network easily. Dynamic profile management, e-commerce functionalities and associated transaction controls, ability to create multiple admin and effective ticket management are few of the other key functionalities offered under this centralized website management system. It supports secure payment gateways including PayPal, and YourPay. If you want the website in a paid manner, the applications support several payment plans under the plan management module. There would be custom themes and layouts provided which would enable you to modify the website appearance as per user preference. Owing to the e-commerce potential, these applications also include option to post classifieds under several categories.

For the end customers, the programs offer brilliant marketing features which would provide excellent performance and user experience. Personal mailbox, weblogs to discuss thoughts, developing groups, developing conversation boards, gifts and lot more are looking forward to your customers by developing a social website with these custom programs. The facility to block spammers based on IP is one of the remarkable features adding to the safety actions offered. Video clips can be distributed from third party websites or can post own information. If the individual is a writer, he gets his own space to post the articles online.

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How effective social networking scripts are for your Business?

Online networking communities play a key role in business these days. It helps the organizations to build their own space on web and bring together the users. The cost effective solutions offered by various groups to the business world to excel in the online networking communities is the social networking scripts.

Highly interactive social networks are built with this solution by either adding features to an existing website or by creating a custom community site for the business need. Any type of business network can be created like a professional community, friend’s community, technical forums etc. And the information shared across these communities can be monetized with appropriate marketing techniques.

The various features in these open source social networking scripts include modules for new chats, blogs, forums, ratings, guestbook, and gift stores etc. They also come with Peer to peer messengers, instant messaging, Voice call facility, discussion boards and usage of smiley as well. The Community websites would help the organization to efficiently manage the communities and can always be connected to the communities online. If a new business product has to be marketed, a community website would be the best choice. Certain solutions even offer safe codes for monetary transactions as well.

The open source social networking script lets the user to customize the community created, i.e. the source code is not restricted. Some scripting solutions offer efficient trading community pages as well which further increases the scope of the business community in generating revenue.

If the code is not open, making changes to the communities created may be difficult, so it is better to purchase open source social network scripts. Licensing of the script is yet another key factor. Dropping the business portal due to some license issue, can affect the business badly. Almost every group that offers an open source social networking script has their own forum or community to discuss the defects reported and offer customer support. These forums play an important role in the selection of the solution.

How Facebook helps merchants for Social Commerce?

There is a new era in doing business especially through online. This is called Social Commerce and Facebook is one of the main platforms for this way of doing business. There are almost 6 million people using this social platform which, for that same reason a big market opportunity have been developed for business. Many businesses are taking advantage of this market to increase traffic to their site and build up their sales. Here are some of the ways merchants are using Facebook for Social Commerce. Continue reading…

Introduction to social selling

The way people find information has now become a lot more easier. Consumers no longer rely on referrals and expect advice in making decisions as to which product or service solves their problems in the best way. They will first do a  research and seek opinion from real users of the products and services. Social media has offered various ways of finding that vital information without reference to the seller or service provider. Continue reading…