How Facebook helps merchants for Social Commerce?

There is a new era in doing business especially through online. This is called Social Commerce and Facebook is one of the main platforms for this way of doing business. There are almost 6 million people using this social platform which, for that same reason a big market opportunity have been developed for business. Many businesses are taking advantage of this market to increase traffic to their site and build up their sales. Here are some of the ways merchants are using Facebook for Social Commerce. Continue reading…

Latest trends in Social Media Selling

Believe it or not, the social media has taken over the business arena. More and more people are using various social media platforms in their daily interactions and decisions are being influence by information gathered from places like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Businesses have started taking advantage of this to review and redirect their overall marketing strategies. The concept of social media selling which is a way of entering into a discussion with the customer has taken over from the coercive marketing strategies that existed before. New trends have emerged¬† in social selling. Continue reading…

How to monetize your Facebook fans?

Today if you take the number of the most popular social networking sites, Facebook will be on the top ranking. It is extensively used by the people all around the world. Facebook is a social networking site where one can create their own profile describing about themselves along with personal information and interests, you have features like chat, blog, send personal message, add, photographs, videos, etc. Most of us spend majority of our leisure time on such social networking communities like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc mainly to keep in touch with friends and family. Instead of just surfing through such sites have you ever thought of monetizing your fans or followers?

Sponsored posting is one such technique where branded companies like Fastrack, Nike, Reebok, etc use this to promote their products and there by their business. They post the ads on your facebook profile for which they will offer you a certain amount. Ads may be on any new product launch or some new offers.

Affiliate marketing is another marketing technique related to eCommerce where other publishers or websites will promote your business there by if any sale happens due to this mediator source then a certain amount is credited to that referrals account. In Facebook you have this particular feature of promoting affiliate links to your fan followers in facebook. The referral fee is set by the admin of the web site. There by sitting at home you can earn some decent money.

By creating an online store you can buy and sell products. There are eCommerce web sites that will let you create an online storehouse with a facebook profile. Generating sales into that store will result in earning a percent of that particular sale. You can refer the products in the store to your friends; likewise they can also have a store house of their own. Any number of products can be added or removed to this storehouse. Also you should see if there is provision to access credit cards and should support popular payment gateways, because transaction should be safe and secure. Latest survey shows that when compared to average online customers, Facebook customers have 10% larger shopping carts. Even for small enterprises facebook commerce is of great profit. You can gain more and more profit if you monitor your eCommerce in a smart way on the trend followed and updating your fan followers about the same.

In the Internet market, Facebook commerce or social eCommerce is certainly going to be a hit. When compared to the traditional methods of setting up an online store, social media commerce is much easier and less expensive. You need to have the right number of active fans to set up a Facebook store. And now you would have got the idea of how to make money with Facebook!